Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615: Untitled

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As a qualified housekeeper, Grandfather Butler would definitely tell Qin Mo these things. He also added, “Back then, Young Lord came back to find you and had left a letter in the mailbox.”

Letter? A flash of light passed his eyes.

Grandfather Butler continued. “Actually, Young Lord must have wished that you were with her back then since the change was so big…”

It was that line.

When Qin Mo walked back to the room, his heart was a little heavy.

He stretched out his hand, held the sleeping person on the bed in his arms, and kissed her hair. He didn’t take good care of her.

Back then, he shouldn’t have left…

With that thought in mind, he stood up and made a call to his assistant. “Prepare two tickets overseas, mmh, me and her, once she finishes her…”

Bo Jiu didn’t know he had ordered plane tickets.

On this day, she was up earlier than any other day. Strange to say, someone who never took exams seriously in her previous life, was extremely serious this time. However, Bo Jiu was much calmer than the other students.

On this day, many taxis gave free rides to the students taking the National College Entrance Examination. Some private cars would also try to avoid the roads with schools to keep the roads clear, so that students can take the exam with peace of mind.

There was medical staff waiting outside in the field.

The most obvious person was probably the slender figure that appeared at the school gate on her skateboard. The silver-gray hair, and the tear mole at the corners of her eyes, always gave off an enchanting feeling. She was very handsome.

Many people thought that Bo Jiu wouldn’t apply for a school that requires a high score. After all, she would have a good future even if she didn’t take the exams. But they didn’t understand, to Bo Jiu, this exam was the key to marrying Little Princess Qin.

Hence, Bo Jiu was more serious than anyone else even when she opened the test paper. She did not wear her school uniform. She wore a pure black T-shirt, and earrings, looking like a vampire prince. Her skin was fair and when she glanced down, the friction noise from the pencil could be heard.

Her handwriting wasn’t ugly, and seemed like words Qin Mo had written.

This is not surprising. After all, when she was young, Qin Mo had held onto her hand to teach her every stroke. Hence, it was natural for their handwriting to be similar.

The National College Entrance Examination in most provinces lasted for two days. These two days were considered the last struggle for every student.

Bo Jiu has never slept and woke up early before, but in these two days, she had a very disciplined life.

When the closing bell rang for the last exam, every student seemed to lean back with a sigh of relief. Then there was excitement, a sincerely unstoppable excitement, with a hint of disappointment.

Bo Jiu didn’t feel disappointed at all. Finally, she could officially marry Little Princess Qin.

Her thoughts were filled with ways to take advantage of him. Bo Jiu carried her skateboard, walking casually. Just as she glanced up, she saw the person waiting for her. She couldn’t help but smile with a hint of evilness, and stretched out her arms to hug him.

Qin Mo dodged her hug and reached out his arm to hold her wrist. A smile flashed past his eyes when he saw the expression she had after failing to take advantage of him. He spoke calmly. “Time is tight, you can hug again in the car.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Once we reach the car, it wouldn’t just be a hug…”