Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616: Untitled

Qin Mo glanced at her. “What else can you do other than hug? Behave.”

Bo Jiu was helpless in front of the conservative Little Princess.

Alright, she will behave. However, she didn’t expect a driver. Moreover, they were heading in the wrong direction.

“Are we going to… the airport?” Bo Jiu would remember the map for every city she went to. It was a talent that Mr Bo nurtured in her since young. Moreover, it has been a while since she arrived in Jiang City. So she was familiar with the basic routes.

“Mmh.” Qin Mo replied, his face emotionless. “Business trip and you’re the luggage.”

After he had spoken Bo Jiu remembered her younger days, whenever he came back here, she wanted him to bring her along as a luggage and would dive into his suitcase… seriously, it was a little childish.

Going on a trip would be good, it saved her from waiting for her results. If she managed to pass the admission score, she would get Grandfather Butler to prepare the wedding.

Bo Jiu was indeed treated as a luggage. It was because Qin Mo only carried one suitcase. When he changed for the boarding pass, Bo Jiu sat on top of it while Qin Mo pulled the luggage pole single handedly. “You’re checking in too?”

“The flight attendants wouldn’t agree. With my handsome good looks, it would be safer to have me outside.” Bo Jiu still wore a mask on her face because the movie was still airing, hence, she could easily be recognised in such a place.

Qin Mo held her hand. “You aren’t safe anywhere.”

Bo Jiu: …She wasn’t a timebomb.

“The person walking ahead must be a multi-level marketer.” Bo Jiu said lazily. “I can hack his mobile phone network, and then…”

Qin Mo stretched his hand and lifted her jaws, kissing her lips over the mask. “Hacking someone’s phone in China is illegal.”

“I’ll consider not doing it if you kiss me another two times.” Bo Jiu said evilly.

Qin Mo pinched her face. “If Grandfather Butler heard you, he would think that his teachings had failed.”

“I was mesmerised by your beauty.” Bo Jiu continued to smile faintly.

Qin Mo watched her face, and his eyes darkened. Next, he pulled her into a corner.

The smoking area was ahead which was also a blind spot. He reached out his arm and pulled down her mask. When he glanced down, even the strength in his arm had changed when he held onto her waist.

Her tongue came into touch with a cooling sensation, the numbing feeling shooting through her and her mind went blank. Bo Jiu thought, if his side had only sent him over that year, and he had used the honey trap, she probably would have surrendered.

Judging by one’s appearance wasn’t good. Mmh, it wasn’t good, but kissing was mesmerising.

The desire to go closer could take her thoughts away from dark things.

She had once said, she probably wouldn’t desire warmth when she didn’t know what it was, but once she found out, she wanted to be shone on even if she is dark.

Every year during this period, she would feel empty. Hence, she would be surrounded by a group in the night club for a consecutive few days.

Crowded places seemed to have an allure. At least it could take up some thoughts, preventing her from thinking of some things.

This year, she probably wouldn’t have nightmares again.

After the kiss, she could eat candy. For these, she would endure it, and not do anything over the line even when her hands itch.