Chapter 1618 - Do Whatever You Want When You Find Me

Chapter 1618: Do Whatever You Want When You Find Me

Qin Mo glanced at her and replied in a calm voice. “What tactics are you referring to? Disguising as someone else, pointing to the competition video in the mall, boasting about how handsome her gaming is to the laptop sales boss. This kind of tactic?”

This was indeed her dark history. Was she still bothered with so much dark history?

Bo Jiu laughed evilly. “Whichever genius thought of such a tactic, sounds handsome.”

Qin Mo looked helpless, he stretched out his hand and squeezed her face. “Little Bo Jiu.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu’s heart felt itchy just by looking at his face. Once she was done eating, she wanted to take action on a certain someone. The ancients really weren’t lying about the need for beauty, warmth and food.

“Want to play a game?” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, his eyes bright.

Bo Jiu retracted herself from his beauty and looked at him. “What game?”

“The previous time I was here, we exchanged hands here. I was the one that found you. This time, how about you come and find me?” Qin Mo glanced down. “If you manage to find me, I will be yours.”

Bo Jiu raised her brow. “You’re going to do everything I want tonight?”

“In the future, do whatever you want.” Qin Mo pointed out. “If your hands are itchy, we will come abroad. After all, you are Z.”

Bo Jiu understood what he had given up for her but she still didn’t want to let him go. He is hers. Moreover, he agreed.

“How do we play?” She was best at games.

“I will give you hints and if you manage to decode these hints before it gets dark, you will be able to find me.” Qin Mo looked at her. “It wouldn’t be certain after it gets dark.”

Bo Jiu glanced at the time. “Where are the hints?”

“It’s with William.”

Bo Jiu felt like that was another trap.

Qin Mo saw through her thoughts and picked him his phone to make a call.

William, who was preparing for the next party, was shocked at this moment, and wanted to curse in Chinese. Why did that big demon call him at this moment?!

“Hey.” William worked hard to let his aura out.

Qin Mo replied indifferently. “Are you in the Royal Hotel?”

Oh no! Why did this man who looks like an Eastern prince, but is actually a big demon, know where he is so clearly!

“You sent someone to follow me again, Qin, friends don’t do this.” William argued. “You Orientals should be very cultivated.”

Qin Mo automatically ignored his words. “Jiu will find you in twenty minutes. There is something in your bag that I want to give her, pass it to her.”

“Jiu? You mean Jiu?” William immediately straightened, he played about, pretending to be a gentleman. “I have to choose a suit, you should know that she is my white moonlight…”

Qin Mo sighed. “William, do you want to be beaten up again by the adult me ?”

“Hey, seriously, brother, that’s too cruel. Using your Eastern dialect, my thoughts are extremely pure towards Jiu, there isn’t anything bad. I’m just not sure if Jiu would be excited to see me.” William’s survival instincts were very strong.

Qin Mo’s voice eased. “You’re thinking too much, your appearance wouldn’t be able to excite her.”

It was hurtful. Why did Jiu only like pretty boys ever since she was young? Where did he lose out?

William took a deep breath. “I’ll wait for her here.”