Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619: Untitled

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“Heard that?” Qin Mo glanced over as he asked her.

Bo Jiu raised her brow. “Why do you have William’s number?”

“It’ll be convenient to ask him to be my best man.” Qin Mo replied slowly.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Brother Mo, that’s hurtful, Little William thought that his friendship had moved you.”

Qin Mo pinched her face. “Just take the item, don’t play with him. You don’t have much time, understand?”

“Why would I play with him?” Bo Jiu asked evilly. “I would definitely play seriously.”

Qin Mo glanced at her. “You can leave first, I will go after seeing you enter the building.”

As such, she wouldn’t be able to play any tricks. Bo Jiu was regretful. “I wouldn’t follow you secretly.”

“Do you believe your own words?” Qin Mo stuffed his hands into his pockets.

Brother Mo laughed lightly and turned. “I would definitely find you, Brother Mo. Wash yourself clean and wait for me.”

When Qin Mo heard her words, his brows lifted. Little Tiger Bo was always confused about her own position.

“Young Master.” The shadow that had been behind the two people appeared. “Everything is ready and placed in the car boot.”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo replied faintly but he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he waited until the figure gradually moved away, until he could no longer see her anymore did he walk in the opposite direction.

A limited edition Lamborghini was parked outside the crowd. On the surface, it is just expensive, but in reality, the most unusual thing about it was its ability to speak.

“Big demon, why are you alone?” The rear mirror reflected the surrounding images. “Where is my master?”

Qin Mo opened the car door and sat on the driver, his face handsome. “She is playing a game.”

“Aren’t we waiting for master?” As a smart sports car, he is extremely loyal!

Qin Mo pressed the steering wheel with one hand and turned. “We will wait somewhere else.”

Where? Little Blackie was a little confused, some programs could no longer be answered, but he knew something was put behind it. This big demon must be planning to do something to master!

At this moment, Bo Jiu had walked into the Royal Hotel. Although she didn’t have the room card, it was easy to take the receptionist’s card.

After all, no one would be too guarded against a handsome teenager in a black jacket.

Bo Jiu raised her hand and pressed the floor number as she thought about the hints that might appear.

William was still trying to get rid of his female companion, he couldn’t let Jiu see him like this. Jiu would definitely misunderstand.

Seriously, Qin Mo that big demon, why didn’t he tell Jiu to inform him prior to her arrival.

“Babe, babe, listen to me.” William said to the female companion that wouldn’t let go off his arm. “I really can’t make it today, we can set another date.”

His female companion didn’t want to leave since he was William after all. “How do I know if you would date me again?”

“I…” William was about to say something when a loud swoosh was heard and the door was pulled open.

A long and straight figure walked towards the pool. The youngster has silvery grey hair, a hint of evilness in her handsomeness. The black jacket she wore seemed both dark and mysterious.

William wanted to say, “This is the royal presidential suite, how can this person just come in?!”