Chapter 162 - Qin Mo Orders You to Head to the Fu Residence

Chapter 162: Qin Mo Orders You to Head to the Fu Residence

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The driver didn’t dare say anything more. He turned back and quickly got into the car. His hands were trembling from unease as he held onto the wheel.

He could tell that that his young master wasn’t in a good mood.

After all, he had worked for Qin family all these years, and he never once saw his young master wait this long for anyone… Not to mention… that person didn’t even show up… Of course, Young Master now… Sigh… it was really hard to say.

“Turn left.” Qin Mo’s low voice came from the back seat.

The driver was confused. “Left?”

“Go directly to the Fu residence.” Qin Mo’s eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, but they were so dark that it felt like they could release cold fog and air.

To the Fu residence?!

The driver couldn’t hide the shock on his face. He looked back from the rear view mirror, and after a beat of hesitation, he said, “Yes.”

But going to Fu residence without letting Young Master Jiu know didn’t match Young Master’s normal style at all.

No, not that. Actually, Young Master had never gone to anyone’s place before!

Why on earth did Young Master want to go to the Fu residence?!

Shouldn’t he at least call the other party’s Madam first?

Like this, it was so sudden… They didn’t have regular contact with Fu family, so they didn’t even have their number.

Qin Mo didn’t care what the driver thought.

Right now, his goal was simple… Catch a certain fellow and give him a good lesson!


Fu Jiu was having a good time driving, so she didn’t know why she was sneezing all of a sudden.

Feng Shang was already drunk. He was all over the place, and his face was completely red. “I-i-idol, there are two of you!”

“That’s because you are drunk.” Fu Jiu took the mug of beer and chugged down the last few drops in it. “Boss, come, check this out!”

Xue Yaoyao was unexpectedly a good drinker, and she didn’t feel a thing after downing three bottles.

After Fu Jiu had paid, she turned to Xue Yaoyao. “This guy is coming with me. Otherwise, his brother would ask many questions when he sees him like this.”

“I-I-I’m not afraid of my big brother!” The drunk Feng Shang was awakened by the word “brother.””I-I-I just listen to him!”

Fu Jiu nodded, brushing it off. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you listen the most!”

As she said that, she put his arm around her neck. Even though she was wearing her school uniform, she didn’t look less handsome at all. “Let’s go. Grab a cab, and I will take you home first.”

“Okay.” Xue Yaoyao accepted the offer, and after they had gotten a cab, she sat in the front and tuned around to check on the back seat. “Your Highness Jiu, is Feng Shang alright?”

Fu Jiu rubbed on the spot on Feng Shang’s head where he had just bumped into the car frame. “Don’t worry, I’m here. Men drinking for the first time are always like this.”

Xue Yaoyao agreed, before thinking about it carefully. His Highness Jiu drank the most among three of them—maybe eight bottles—but His Highness Jiu was fine.

This… This was nothing like a high school kid.

Xue Yaoyao’s house wasn’t far. After going there once, Fu Jiu clearly remembered how to get there, so after she took the girl home safely, she told the driver, “Go back to Fu Xing Road.”

It would take some time to walk, especially with a drunk.

Good thing this drunk was still cute. His every move was dramatic, and he simply acted like a mascot.

“This, this is not the way to my place.” Feng Shang’s face squeezed up against the car window. His pretty face was distorted by the pressure.

Fu Jiu held her chin and turned to look at him with a light smile.”Yup, we’re not going to your place. We’re going back to my place…”