Chapter 1620 - Untitled

Chapter 1620: Untitled

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The most important thing is that the person wasn’t embarrassed at all.

Instead, he took a white wooden chair and placed it next to the swimming pool. He sat on it and turned to the female companion next to him. “I need to borrow this person for a few minutes. You can continue after that, ok?”

Honestly, his female companion’s eyes went wide the moment he appeared. And now, it was worse, she seemed to be overjoyed.

“Sir…” William started.

Bo Jiu cut him off. “Back when we were kids, I really couldn’t tell this was your preference.”

When-when we were kids?!

“Jiu?” William felt a shock through his back.

Bo Jiu held onto her chin lazily. “It’s me. Tell me, what did Momo leave with you?”

“Jiu, it’s been such a long time, you have no idea, after you left, I couldn’t eat or drink…” William used the limited Chinese idioms he knew.

Bo Jiu arched her brows. “Bro, look at the time.”

“What time?” William was confused, shouldn’t they be catching up? Etiquette is very important in China!

Bo Jiu’s voice slowed. “I have to decode the hints before it gets dark, so William, you should be honest too. What did he ask you to do?”

William blinked and wanted to reach over for a hug. “Jiu, I don’t think you should be so anxious…”

“William” Bo Jiu accepted his hug and beamed. “If you want to be beaten, you can continue to waste time. If I cannot marry Momo, I might accidentally tear your house apart.”

William immediately froze, he believed her! That was how the big demon used to threaten him!

Jiu hadn’t changed even after she had grown up.

William took a deep breath. He looked pitiful with his big physique and red hair. “He asked me to take something, and I haven’t taken it apart. You know, I’m seriously scared by your big demon Mo. I didn’t dare to move that thing. What if it’s a bomb? Jiu, seriously, he isn’t what you imagined, like a little princess, you have no idea how frightening he was when he was a kid…”

“He’s handsome and is a little princess.” Bo Jiu slapped the back of his head. “Give it to me.”

William: …He has absolutely no hope for this superficial world. Besides, he wasn’t that bad. The reflection in the pool is also handsome.

These Orientals do not know how to appreciate them!

William took out a box with a little frustration. “That big demon, did he place a ring inside?”

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything, after opening it, she took the item out.

“Is this game Super Mario? Wasn’t this your favourite game last time?” William was puzzled, trying hard to surround himself with a scarf. Regardless of how handsome she is, Jiu is a girl and his white moon light. “Why did the big demon give you this?”

Bo Jiu glanced over in silence. “There is a game console here?”

“How did you know? The Royal Hotel isn’t like other hotels. It is the only hotel that provides ancient game consoles for everyone.” William spoke excitedly.

Bo Jiu had already taken the game cartridge and walked over.

“Jiu, what are you doing?”

“Clearing the levels.” Bo Jiu leaned forward. She waited until an image appeared on the screen, and took the game controller over. “The hint should be in the last level.”