Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621: Confessing using a Game

Anyone who played Super Mario as a kid would know that there are 8 worlds in the game, and each world has 4 levels. But players can find the Climbing Sky Vine to choose the worlds. For example, players can jump from the second level of the first world to the first level of the fourth world.

In the second level of the fourth world, there are hidden gold coins and climbing vines to jump directly to the eighth world.

Anyone else would definitely take a long time to complete all eight worlds. Some people couldn’t pass through all the levels even after they grew up. But Bo Jiu was very familiar with the game and had even studied the programming code. She was clear where the hidden traps were.

She sat on the carpet, held the game console and operated the character in the game.

The game screens back then were not as cool and vivid as they are now. It was just a little man with something on his head, going forward as he jumped over all the obstacles. But even so, William was dazzled just by watching.

He had played Super Mario when he was younger. Why didn’t he realise that there was such a way to jump through the levels? Moreover, Jiu’s maneuvering was nice!

However, William wasn’t that surprised. After all, Jiu was great at playing games as a kid.

Soon, Bo Jiu reached the eighth world.

After the character entered it suddenly turned white. The next moment, a photo appeared.

It was a photo of her when she was a child, she was wearing her tiger clothes and seemed to be waiting for someone to feed her water.

Bo Jiu had no impression of this photo.

Next the screen went back to the game, but someone had reprogrammed the game.

Bo Jiu maneuvered the character and every time she took a step, hitting the obstacle above, a sentence appeared.

“I like you.”

“I liked you when we were kids.”

“And I like you even more after we have grown up.”

“Little Bo Jiu, Mrs Qin.”

“Come and take your candy.”

Bo Jiu couldn’t help as the corners of her lips lifted higher.

William’s eyes opened wide.

F*ck! Is this how the Chinese confess these days?

That big demon didn’t look like someone who would do such things! This is no different from coaxing children. But Jiu loved it!

Seriously… William took a deep breath, he had nothing to say!

The game ended here, there weren’t anymore levels. Which means she passed, but the hint…

Bo Jiu looked at the words, she dropped her eyes and mobilized all her memories. After a lot of elimination, only the Royal Hotel was left.

“Jiu?” William turned suspiciously.

Bo Jiu stood up abruptly and opened the refrigerator. A necessity for star hotels. But after she opened the fridge… Bo Jiu paused.

William grabbed his hair directly. “Who replaced everything in the refrigerator with candy? Shouldn’t the candy only take up half of it?”

But under all those candies with brightly colored wrappers, there was one piece that was extremely attractive. The wrapper was black and had the word Z on it.

Bo Jiu stretched her hand out towards the candy and realised it was a miniature message device.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to get their hands on it, but she used it often.

Bo Jiu took it, pushed her fingers, turning it on. The next moment, a noble and deep voice, with a magnetic texture, slowly spread from the device.

Qin Mo!