Chapter 1622 - Do You Want to Keep Me in Captivity

Chapter 1622: Do You Want to Keep Me in Captivity

“In the animation, Doraemon accompanied Nobita for 80 years. Before Nobita died, he told Doraemon. “After I leave, return to where you belong.”

Doraemon agreed. After Nobita died Doraemon used the time travel machine to go back 80 years ago. He told the young Nobita. “Hello Nobita, I am Doraemon.”

When the deep tone came through the message device it seemed surreal. Bo Jiu listened to every single word. She originally thought that was the end.

The voice paused. “Little Bo Jiu, there’s a little Doraemon waiting for you right now, do you want to come and take him away, keeping him at home in captivity?”

As an observer, this was the first time William felt the charm of the Chinese language. Strangely, he thought about the times when they were still kids. Back then, he was afraid and didn’t like the hypocritical Chinese Little Prince. But suddenly, Jiu moved away and the mansion nearby never lit up again.

Back then, William was rather upset. He was upset that a good friend was gone, anyone would be upset for a few days.

William thought that the Chinese Little Prince was the same, but thereafter, he realised he was wrong. Because one day, he was stopped by the Chinese Little Prince.

William really thought he was going to show his demonic personality while she was away. However, he didn’t make his move. Instead, he looked at him, and after a while, he asked. “Where did she go?”

When William saw that he was in a bad mood, he decided to teach the aloof Chinese Little Prince a lesson. Even though he didn’t know where Jiu was, he immediately raised his chin. “Why should I tell you when we are not even friends. Do you remember how you beat me?”

“I was wrong.” He was small, and his voice was suppressed. “So where is she?”

William was in disbelief. The Chinese Little Prince was such a scheming person, and in normal circumstances, he would definitely know he was lying, but that day, somehow he didn’t notice anything. And had even said that he was wrong.

William was so shocked his eyeballs were about to fall off. In the end, he blushed and told him the truth that he didn’t know where Jiu went. Initially, he thought that he would be beaten, but he didn’t do anything.

Thereafter William occasionally saw a small shadow standing in front of Bo’s house.

Others often said that Mr An’s grandson is a polite gentleman, a lively successor to a prestigious family. But when he stood in front of the Bo’s house, William could only think of a poor adjective. Cold and lonely.

It seemed as though the entire world had abandoned him. When a lot of people had forgotten about Jiu, that person continued to stand there.

There were times when even William couldn’t forget that childhood friend, because someone was waiting for her.

Afterwards, the An’s moved their main business back to China. Even so, William would receive a call from that person every year. He called during elementary and high school and would always ask if he had seen the Bo family.

He didn’t call for three years after that. William thought that he had given up. Later, he learned from Old Mr An that he had amnesia.

Qin Mo really has been a demon ever since he was young, but there was one thing that didn’t change. His unwavering wait for Jiu.