Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623: Untitled

To Bo Jiu, liking Qin Mo was just like a kid that hadn’t eaten candy before, wanting just one piece so that she knew what sweetness is like.

She wasn’t greedy. From that day onwards, when she hugged her little keyboard to sleep she learnt not to be greedy.

In the past, she lost everything because of her greed, but he gave her a pocket full of candy, it seemed like he would always be there when she reached her hands out, she never had to worry that he would disappear one day.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, her silver hair shielding her eyes.

William couldn’t see her expression at all, was it so difficult that Jiu couldn’t solve it?

Geez, why did that big demon have to repeat the lines from Doraemon? What is he thinking? Even though Jiu liked to watch the animation when she was young, he should make himself clear instead of leaving hints. But what exactly is that hint?

William was interested in the game as well and was caressing his jaw as he thought.

Just then, Jiu stood up and glanced down at him. “Car key.”

“Mmh?” William hadn’t processed the situation.

Bo Jiu is as handsome as ever as she placed a black coat on her shoulders. She stretched out one hand. “Your car key, I’m going to find someone.”

William’s eyes opened wide. “You know where he is?”

Bo Jiu replied lazily, “Mmh”.

William tightened the towel on his body, jumped over and pulled out his car keys, throwing it to Bo Jiu. He was a grown man and didn’t need to be embarrassed. But he originally only wore black briefs for his female companion, and because Jiu had entered in such an overbearing manner, he didn’t have time to put on his clothes, and could only cover himself with a bath towel.

He was curious. “How did you know where he is? Didn’t he just recite a few lines from a movie?”

“No, there were many more. You are also one of the clues.” Bo Jiu took the car keys and planned to leave.

William followed behind her. “I am also a clue?”

“Mmh, you, Super Mario, Doraemon…” Bo Jiu turned back, looking wickedly sharp. “It’s all related to my childhood. He is telling me that, if life is just like the first meeting, he did it, and has been waiting there, for me to go back.”

William was shocked, there? Perhaps… Before he could tell her his guess that tall and willowy figure had disappeared into the corner.

The receptionist in front of the Royal Hotel was talking to the guest, asking him whether he needed valet services.

Just then, he saw a red light flash past. The wig on his head was blown off by the wind that it stirred.

Which customer was driving so fast! They’re over the speed limit!

Bo Jiu didn’t look back, she didn’t have time to look. It was about to be dark and there is still a distance. She had to be fast.

Hence, on this day, the Fifth Avenue that had been silent for a long time, was once again filled with alarms.

Because a red convertible was driving extremely fast, and when she encountered a roadblock, she drove over it instead of stopping.

After seeing this scene, the local personnel on duty got into the car, made a case and chased furiously. It had been a long time since he saw such a scene.

She dared to continue speeding up even when the police were chasing after her, and had no intention of turning back.

She made a beautiful turn, getting rid of the three cars chasing behind her, her action handsome and arrogant as the smooth curve of the car swerved between cars.

Extremely showy.

The broadcaster made a similar report. The host was so shocked she covered her mouth. “Could it be that he is back?!”