Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624: Untitled

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“He, who?” A confused youngster asked.

Just then, someone exclaimed. “Z, it must be him, he is so cool!”

“Z?!” The youngster widened his eyes. “Is it really Z? That legendary Z?!”

“There probably isn’t anyone else that can drive like him, moreover, the police would always be at a loss during such a moment.”

The excitement was obvious. It seems like the host is a fan of Z. But it wasn’t just the host. When Z’s name was called out, there was all sorts of expression from the people watching the screen.


Z is actually back! Does that mean that the Hacker world will rise again?!

No one seemed to notice.

When this video was broadcasted, a man nearby who was dressed in a suit but gave off a lazy temperament, held a cigarette between his fingers, and his lips curled up into a smile.

“Uncle, why are you laughing?”

“Nothing.” He retracted his gaze, looking distracted.

In contrast to some people’s extreme joy, William was in pain. His phone has been ringing since a while ago and every single message was about his car.

Violation, violation, and violation!

William’s eyes widened, and he grabbed his hair. “Jiu, what did you do with my car?”

At this time, Bo Jiu had already disappeared from everyone’s sight. In the past, it used to be a muted black, but now it became an arrogant red.

Regardless of the colour. Her appearance meant that the Fifth Avenue would become different again.

Some people didn’t welcome Z. Especially the hidden powers and money transactions.

“Didn’t the hacker alliance dissolve? Why would he still appear?” A certain mafia boss from Fifth Avenue was not fighting for goods with his rival from the nightclub site, as he usually did. Instead, he made an unprecedented call because of Z’s reappearance.

The two mafia bosses temporarily placed their rivalry aside, and were seriously thinking of ways to guard against Z.

Unbeknownst to them, Z was not the only one they would have to guard against in the future. The hardest thing to deal with would be the person by her side.

The important thing is that Bo Jiu didn’t have time to deal with these people. Right now, she was only thinking about Little Princess Qin, and telling him that she hasn’t changed.

The sports car swept across the bridge, the car body reflecting light. With a turn, it went into the villa area.

It was already dark.

Bo Jiu raised his eyes and looked not far away. Many years have passed and now that she was looking at this place, it seemed to have changed. But when she came close, the small courtyard surrounded by white logs, the lawn and the two-story loft, made it seem like an illusion.

It seemed as though she would see the people from before if she turned.

Moonlight trickled down. Bo Jiu walked forward until she reached the innermost villa. There was still a Chinese word engraved on the wooden sign on the fence.

The big ‘Bo’ was clearer than ever.

A familiar slender figure stood by the fence, he stuffed one hand into his trouser pocket, and held a piece of paper in the other.

The paper should have just been taken out of the mailbox, and the traces on it could still be seen.

Bo Jiu stopped in her tracks, and glanced over.

That person turned, the moon reflecting off his eyes.