Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626: Untitled

Old Master An rarely went over to the An family house, but they left a butler. So it wasn’t hard to figure out who gave the order because even the Bo’s house was cleaned every day.

It was the same as before, as if no one had left.

Qin Mo never came back after he lost his memory.

The butler who stayed had grown from a young man to a gentleman. When he saw Qin Mo again, there was obvious joy and surprise in his eyes.

Qin Mo asked him if the Bo’s had come back. And he would shake his head every time. However, recently, he wasn’t sure why but the surveillance images didn’t seem as clear.

The butler didn’t think it was serious since nothing was missing. Hence, he hadn’t mentioned it to Qin Mo.

Dinner was made by a chef brought over from China. As usual, he made chinese cusinese. There wasn’t any special reason, only because a certain someone likes it. Hence, Qin Mo had specifically asked the villa to send over a chef in advance.

Old Master An was overjoyed. Before the chef came over, he specifically reminded him to make more delicious dishes for Jiu.

Bo Jiu ate lazily but didn’t do anything out of line. She just kept sending text messages.

The key recipient is Lin Feng. “Send me gift money.”

Lin Feng still had a lot of documents to sign. He was tugging his collar when he saw the message and was slightly confused. “What gift money?”

“Gift money for me and Captain, you’ll have to pay twice.” Bo Jiu bit her chopsticks and continued to reply.

Little Spade smirked. “Little Spade, you aren’t even legal yet and you’re asking for gift money?”

“We’re getting married tomorrow.” Bo Jiu added, “Abroad.”

Lin Feng could sense the flaunt in her tone. He bolted upright.

Yun Hu who was sitting beside him, casually pushed the gold rimmed spectacles up his nose bridge.

Lin Feng didn’t know what he was thinking, he turned his eyes. “Hey, Yun Hu, why don’t we go overseas to get married too?”

Yun Hu stilled and glanced up, asking slowly. “Marry?”

Lin Feng blurted out those words, and now it seems unrealistic. It was Little Spade’s fault.

“Cough, I was kidding, I wasn’t serious. How can we get married.” Lin Feng sat down, looking frustrated. He was too impulsive, after all, they were different from others.

Recently he heard that the Yun family intends to let Yun Hu enter the organisation in the future. If that were the case, it would be unrealistic to get married.

Their circumstances were different and it would affect him. He wasn’t like him, there weren’t that many considerations when doing business. But what’s with the disappointment in his heart?

It was probably because of Yun Hu’s reaction just now.

Lin Feng told himself not to be affected by losses and gains. Isn’t it just marriage? What’s so good about it?

He reached for a file and continued to sign! Peace was restored in the conference room.

Yun Hu didn’t say anything.

After signing a few documents. Lin Feng felt frustrated, he tugged at his tie and took his cigarette, walking to the smoking room.

He wasn’t aware but just behind him, Yun Hu reached for his phone and sent two words to the person on the other end. “Thank you.”

After Bo Jiu finished reading, she smiled. “You’re welcome, take down Senior Lin as soon as possible. Brother Mo and I will wait for you to come over to hold it together.”