Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629: Untitled

Vaguely, the sound by her ear seemed to be disappearing gradually. At the beginning, the wind outside could still be heard, but then thereafter, she couldn’t hear anything else, only each other’s beating heartbeats.

Unknowingly, her shirt had fallen into the water, floating on the water surface like an enchanting petal in full bloom. It was beautiful.

His hand held her, guiding her with intention, moving her fingers onto his trousers. Even the breath splashing on her ear was hot.

Their position didn’t change, she was still on top, but that made Bo Jiu more passive.

Ripples formed in the bath water.

When his breath entered, Bo Jiu felt numbness throughout her whole body. A thin layer covered her eyes, and her white teeth bit his thin lips, the corners of her eyes a light shade of red.

The water droplets from the ripples hit her porcelain jade-white collarbone.

This made Qin Mo’s body tense to its limits, and even his eyes were stained red. He had originally wanted to take it slow but in the end, he couldn’t endure it, holding onto her waist and striking ruthlessly.

Bo Jiu trembled, the numbing sensation flooding over her like a storm, as the waves swept all over her body. It was hot everywhere.

She wanted to move but her limbs were too weak. That pressing intimacy filled her senses with a numbing sensation.

Bo Jiu wanted to hold something, but he weaved his fingers through hers, holding them in his hand. Embracing someone you loved was probably addictive

“Little Bo Jiu.” His voice was low and he kept calling her name, the increasing strength trapping her, leaving her without the slightest resistance.

That numbing sensation made her want to be closer and tighter to him.

She could see the sweat on his forehead and his tensed side profile. Once the asceticism was broken, he was charming and beautiful.

She liked to see such beauty, because she is the only one that can see him like this, a forbidden seduction, like a deity that had been tainted black by her.

The temperature in the bathroom started to rise and there was steam everywhere. The water in the bathtub, spilled out over and over again.

The rose petals were plastered on her body, and the Z-shaped tattoo on her waist became more and more alluring.

With that kind of shock, Bo Jiu could only follow his actions, lost and immersed.

When he finally stopped, Bo Jiu’s hands didn’t have any energy left. She wanted to push him away. But his breath landed by her ears. “Didn’t you want to be on top, mmh?”

“Not in this manner.” Bo Jiu panted.

Qin Mo kissed her neck. “Then what manner?”

“I’ll take the lead.” Bo Jiu’s eyes flicked.

Qin Mo took advantage of her loss of consciousness, holding her waist, and pressing down. “You are too weak to enjoy yourself, but your appearance makes me want to destroy even more.”

Bo Jiu bit down on her lips, as if that was the only way to stop the cry from escaping. Bo Jiu frowned, biting harder.

He drew his finger over, and his low voice was coaxing and deceiving. “Call my name, and I’ll let you go.”

“Mo….” Bo Jiu leaned forward and took charge, placing her arms around his neck, looking at him condescendingly, licking his chin gently, looking both glamorous and evil. “Are you sure you will top here, and endure it?”