Chapter 163 - Take Me to Your Young Master’s Room

Chapter 163: Take Me to Your Young Master’s Room

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At 7 p.m., night had already fallen.

In the north, a special kind of smog already started.

All of Jiang City was at its peak traffic.

It the hall of the Fu residence, after Qin Mo had walked in, Chen Xiaodong didn’t even know where to put his hands, so he just stood there like a log.

“You are saying that your young master still hasn’t come home yet?” Qin Mo sat on the sofa, sounding indifferent. He looked like an imposing member of royalty as he took off his gloves.

Chen Xiaodong never could have imagined that Young Master Qin would come to their place in a million years. Even if his young master upset him in some way at school, Young Master Qin wouldn’t come by himself to get ‘him.’

But, what if that was the case. Should he at least inform his young master ahead of time?

“Yeah?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows when he didn’t hear any reply from Chen Xiaodong.

Chen Xiaodong only knew that his scalp went completely numb. “Yes, Young… Young Master told me he would sleep over at his friend’s house yesterday, so he’s not here. Maybe, maybe you can try the night club?” So ‘he’ picked his old habit back up? He had no clue what his young master was busy with recently…

Hearing this, Qin Mo curled his lips up into a smile. “If your young master is at the nightclub, then he doesn’t need to come back here tonight anymore.”

It was just a normal sentence, but for some reason, Chen Xiaodong tasted the flavor of an iceberg right there!


Chen Xiaodong didn’t know what was wrong with going to the nightclub?

After all, their young master always went to those kinds of places.

“I came here in a hurry, so I didn’t bring any gifts,” Qin Mo spoke up again. He was polite and cold, and that face looked distinguished and beautiful from any angle. “I don’t think that Boss He would be at home at this hour.”

Chen Xiaodong nodded hurriedly. “No, Madam went out of town for business. She will be back in Jiang City in two days.”

So did this mean that Young Master Qin was leaving?


Even though Young Master Qin was really handsome, facing him at such a close distance gave him too much pressure!

With this in mind, Chen Xiaodong planned on politely sending Almighty Qin off.

But to his utter surprise!

“Where is your young master’s room?” Qin Mo stood up with one hand in his pocket, while the other carried the physics book. His tone was still completely indifferent. “Show me.”

Chen Xiaodong: “…”


It became even later into the night.

The driver took a long time to take Fu Jiu home, and Feng Shang was stumbling tipsily.

Fu Jiu dragged and pulled him through the gate by his collar.

Fu Zhongyi took almost everything from them, but he didn’t dare to touch this villa.

Even an illiterate would know the meaning of marital property these days.

Because of this, that Three[1] wasn’t letting go; only when she gets to live in the Fu residence would she become the legitimate Mrs. Fu.

It wasn’t only that Three who knew this clearly, everyone in the business world knew this as well.

Not to mention, this villa was worth a ton… She did so much to dig talents away from He Honghua not only because she wanted to turn He Honghua into a joke, but also because she wanted to drain her money, so she would have to sell this villa at a low price. By then, she could legitimately take over this villa.

Fu Jiu looked at the brightly lit house in front of her. She let out a cold laugh; anyone who wanted to destroy her home would learn the meaning of bones being ground into ashes!

But, the weird thing was… Why was it so quiet at home today?

[1] Number Three in Chinese refers to “mistress”