Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630: Untitled

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Qin Mo’s eyes shook, it felt as if stretching out his hands and caressing her fiercely in his arms was the only way to relieve the intense desire of wanting her.

The last thread broke when she lowered her eyes, not to mention the pair of black eyes that attracted people.

Qin Mo quickly turned his hand back, and no longer wanted to let her enjoy being at the top. Instead, he forced her to the edge of the bathtub.

She couldn’t hear anything else. Only his panting and her name which he cried repeatedly.


The next time she regained consciousness, he had already carried her onto the bed, his voice still low and deep. “You are right, we shouldn’t stop.”

As compared to the previous two times, it was more unrestrained this time, because there were no considerations.

He was well versed in making a woman happy. Just like a demon who specializes in bewitching people’s hearts, tearing through his layer of grace and nobleness.

“Enough.” She heaved frantically, wanting him to slow down.

He pressed into her deepest spot. “Is it really enough?”

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything more. She trembled heavily, her fingers clenching the white bed sheets beneath her. The snowy white complexion carried a faint flush.

No one came to disturb them. Hence, there wasn’t anything to care about.

The sound from the European style bed echoed throughout the bedroom, showing no intention to stop.

Bo Jiu really underestimated the explosive power of a man after he endured for a while. He couldn’t be stopped. And Qin Mo, who had endured it for so long, certainly wouldn’t let the person in his arms go.

These days, all the images he could imagine had turned into actions. It wasn’t just caressing her in his arms. He didn’t use any protection.

Previously, he was worried about hurting her. It wasn’t just protection, he would even take a cold shower after they were done. But this time, he didn’t use anything, and hadn’t restrained himself.

Instead, the next time she lost consciousness, he lowered his voice and whispered into her ears. “Give birth to our child, Mrs. Qin.”

Because of these words, Bo Jiu’s eyes regained focus, and there was unprecedented light in her black eyes. “Okay.”

It was probably because they really decided to have a child, but that night Qin Mo didn’t let her go. He didn’t stop until she couldn’t stand it anymore, lifted her sideways, and reentered the bathroom.

Using a very gentle technique, like the time he had amnesia, he squatted on the edge of the bathtub, cleaning the marks on her body. But this time, he wasn’t thinking of ways to keep her by his side or because he didn’t believe her. Instead, it was because the two of them were so in love.