Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631: Untitled

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The washing didn’t take long.

Men who have served in the army generally have good stamina. Moreover, Qin Mo came from the Special Forces. Hence, such things didn’t affect him and leave him tired.

He reached out for the towel and wrapped it around her. Half-bending again, he carried her out of the bathtub. She moved a bit, as if she was resisting.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and kissed the corner of her eye. His voice was still hoarse, but carried a pampering tone that others had never heard before. “We’ll stop, I’m taking you to sleep.”

Only then did the person in his arms soften, and when she hugged Qin Mo’s waist, she did not forget to say, “Mine.”

“Mmh, yours.” Qin Mo ran a finger across her hair, and after putting the person on the bed, he couldn’t help kissing her forehead again. He probably would never find anyone else who was so possessive.

Bo Jiu was still lazy at this time, in her half conscious state, she didn’t feel anything wrong with her body. The person holding her had slightly cool skin, which was very suitable for falling asleep. When she woke up the next day however, Bo Jiu’s back and waist was so sore, that all she wanted was to lie on the sofa and not move at all.

They ate the same type of food and she had more but yet, his stamina was so much better.

Bo Jiu stretched her long legs on the sofa and half-supported her chin while drinking milk, her eyes carrying an obvious depression when she looked at Qin Mo.

At the end of the day, she had poor stamina. She wanted to do something to the Almighty but had to depend on special methods, but this is her turf after all.

Fifth Avenue is nearby so she could get her hands on those things. After she recovered, she would get it from her black buddies, and use it all on the Almighty.

When Bo Jiu was halfway through her milk, she glanced over at Qin Mo who was helping her cool her medicine and her gaze deepend.

Qin Mo looked at her casually and saw through her thoughts. He moved the spoon to her lips. “You had better not do anything bad for the next two days, understand?”

“Do I have the strength to do something bad in this condition?” Bo Jiu drank a mouthful and found it bitter. She leaned over and touched his lips. “What does it taste like?”

Qin Mo raised his brows. “Milk.”

“It’s bitter.” Bo Jiu leaned her head on his shoulders lazily. “How long do I have to drink this?”

Qin Mo glanced down at a certain someone who was mischievous even when she took her medicine. He thought for a moment, drank a mouthful of the medicine, pinched her chin and kissed her.

Bo Jiu laughed lightly, savoured the taste, and smiled wickedly. “Brother Mo, I realised you’re becoming more reasonable.”

“I realised you need to be disciplined.” Qin Mo said, rubbing her thin lips with a napkin. “Does your waist still hurt?”

Bo Jiu arched her brows. “It hurts.” If she said that, the Almighty would probably feel guilty.

“Oh?” Qin Mo stood up and adjusted his cuffs slowly. “Then I won’t carry you to the wedding venue.”

Bo Jiu: ….

Qin Mo suddenly smiled when he saw her expression. He lowered his eyes and asked. “Does it really hurt or are you faking it?”

“That’s beside the point, now, I just want to kiss you till your legs become weak.” Bo Jiu narrowed both eyes.

Qin Mo caressed her head. “There’s a difference between your dreams and dreaming.”

Once he was done, he brought over another bowl.

Bo Jiu paused and pouted, looking sullen. “There’s more?”

“It’s red date tea, it isn’t bitter.” Qin Mo glanced at her, the colour of his eyes light. “We have to prepare in advance in order to have children.”