Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632: Untitled

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Have children?

Only then did Bo Jiu remember what she had promised last night.

She loved little children, but she never thought that one day, she would have her own. Now that the Almighty had said so, her eyes were so black it was a little bright.

“Drinking this is good for giving birth?” Bo Jiu didn’t like drinking things like red dates but now, she was extremely cooperative.

Qin Mo glanced at her, his brows lifting slightly. “You seem very happy?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu didn’t conceal it at all, and kissed the side of his face. “I love children. Brother Mo, you have to work hard.”

Qin Mo smirked. “I have to work hard? Are you sure?”

His smirk made her waist hurt. She snuggled in his arms and drank the red date tea in the porcelain bowl from his hands. It was wisest not to speak at this time.

Qin Mo glanced down and swept her a glance. He could vaguely hear her voice: “I can’t drink the wine, it’s not good for the baby.”

She was talking as though she was already pregnant, but she must really like it. Otherwise, it is impossible for even her eyes to be smiling.

She took a bunch of things to read, and each one was about children. She had even started becoming indifferent to his questions.

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened and he took her phone away, placing it on the side. Why hadn’t he thought about it before? Just the appearance of Little Mo Bei was enough to divert her attention from him. If another child comes along… Qin Mo suddenly regretted, his voice faint and without much emotion. “There’s no rush, we can talk about it after two years. We should let nature take its course for such things.”

“Is that so?” Bo Jiu smiled mischievously.

Anyways, it probably wasn’t that difficult if they wanted it. Seems like she would have to get the stuff from her black buddies. After all, it wasn’t that easy to ‘sleep’ with a certain someone.

“Yes.” Qin Mo pinched her cheeks. “Don’t think about other tricks and behave.”

Bo Jiu arched her brows. “I’m very well behaved, I’m inviting Little Bei to our wedding. After all, her Master is finally going to marry her mistress, she can be the flower girl.”

“Mistress?” Qin Mo’s voice deepened because of that term.

Bo Jiu was used to it and had accidentally verbalised it. After looking at the handsome face in front of her, she immediately changed the topic. “I’ll look at how to get her visa done, she can come over with Almighty Yun and the others.”

That wasn’t just an excuse. After all, it wasn’t easy to get a visa to Fifth Avenue. So of course, she would have to make prior arrangements.

Since she was going to hold a wedding, how can it be complete without her friends?

As for this, Qin Mo had the same views. Hence, he didn’t harp on the term ‘Mistress’.

While Bo Jiu sent a message to Yun Hu, he took out his own phone, his long fingers pressing the screen. He took a photo of the invitation card for the wedding venue that the butler had prepared and specifically sent one to William and Hoshino.

William, who received the message, was still reminiscing about his days with Jiu. After seeing the invitation card, he was surprisingly upset. The demon was really ruthless! He made him so upset early in the morning!

On the other hand, Hoshino raised his hand to make coffee, his white knit sweater sleeves swept across the screen, and he lowered his brows, the arc of his profile splashed under the morning light, a cat lying beside him.