Chapter 1633 - Untitled

Chapter 1633: Untitled

“Meow”. The cat purred when it felt the phone vibrate.

Hoshino looked at the content of the message, and raised his brows slowly, the gentleness from him could still be seen.

He knew what Qin Mo thought, but he really hadn’t expected Z to marry one day. Those mails that were sealed in the online world were probably just to confirm that she was still there. Now, she was finally not alone.

Hoshino couldn’t explain how he felt. He was both happy and empty. That was his young lord after all.

He raised his hand and took a sip of coffee.

Just as he was about to reply, a hand stretched out and took the phone away from his hand.

It was You Sixin. He seemed to have just gotten out of bed. His long hair was tied loosely behind him, he wore black pajamas, the half exposed skin extremely fair, a sharp handsomeness and evil that amplified when he took the phone away.

They were about the same height. Hoshino was at most 2cm taller than You Sixin, and at one point, it made You Sixin very upset. But now he was upset at Hoshino’s reaction just now.

He held the phone screen and replied for him. “Wishing you a blissful marriage, I will attend the wedding.”

Hoshino looked over and swept him a glance. “Don’t reply randomly.”

“What do you mean.” You Sixin laughed, even the corners of his mouth were evil, carrying the aura from many years out on the road. “Our Vice Captain, please don’t tell me you don’t even dare to attend the wedding.”

Hoshino caressed the cat beside him, he didn’t continue on the conversation, and stretched his hand over.

You Sixin narrowed his eyes and broke into a sudden laugh. He placed the phone back onto Hoshino’s hand. “I’ll go with you and conveniently make a business deal.”

“Your cousin is still watching, are you sure you are going to leave at this time?” Hoshino’s voice was very faint.

You Sixin’s eyes deepened. “He has always been watching.” With that, he paused. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t ruin her wedding. After all, I’m hoping she will hurry up and get married so that you won’t have to keep that agreement to provide information to the boss for generations. That is very annoying.”

Hoshino paused, and replied faintly. “I was willing to provide her with information.”

You Sixin smirked. “So what? She’s still going to marry someone else.”

Hoshino remained silent and walked into the room.

You Sixin smiled and smashed the coffee cup on the table.

The next time Hoshino reappeared, he saw him lying on the sofa, watching television lazily, a mess under his legs. He walked over, and called someone to clean up.

You Sixin spoke lazily. “Leave it there.”

The man in black didn’t know what to do, he glanced at Young Master Hoshino and back at his boss.

Hoshino spoke faintly, looking down at him. “You’re going to attend the wedding like that?”

You Sixin glanced up and murmured. “You didn’t want me to go.”

“I didn’t say that.” Hoshino kept the things.

The man in black realised that the moment Young Master Hoshino said that, the violent and cold air from his master finally disappeared. Instead, he laughed evilly. “I’ll have to send Qin Mo a gift, to thank him for finally marrying Z.”