Chapter 1634 - Feng Yun

Chapter 1634: Feng Yun

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The night before in Jiang City.

Lin Feng was sincerely upset. He couldn’t explain why he was upset. Anyways, he had a socialising event and casually had some drinks.

Dressed in a suit, he always looks exceptionally handsome after drinking, there was even a hint of lazy sexiness.

The other bosses on the table asked. “Brother Lin, you are doing well at a young age.”

Lin Feng wasn’t that drunk and replied humbly as he usually did. “No, I have good employees.”

“Brother Lin, how is your love life? Do you need me to introduce you to a girlfriend?”

After that person finished asking his question, someone nudged his shoulders. Just then, that person realized that he seemed to have heard some news regarding Lin’s unique tastes.

“Hahaha, look at me, always trying to matchmake others, it’s becoming a habit. Let’s drink.”

In order to dispel the awkwardness, everyone raised their wine glass once more.

Honestly, in such places, there would definitely be girls accompanying them to drink. After all, the restaurant is inside a club. So soon a string of beauties entered.

Generally, there would be one accompanying each person, but amongst everyone, their favourite place was undoubtedly beside Lin Feng.

The beauty brought in a flask of alcohol and filled his cup once more, her eyes seemingly hinting, “Even though it’s just a job, with your good looks, I’m not even sure whose the one doing the ‘sleeping”.

After all, they usually came into contact with middle-aged men with pot bellies. This was the first time that she had such a high quality customer, of course she had to seize the opportunity. Moreover, it seems like this hunk seems to be bothered about something. This was probably the best time to approach him.

Today, Lin Feng was indeed not as guarded. It was mainly because Yun Hu didn’t agree readily when he mentioned getting married.

Even though he understood… or not. He couldn’t accept it at all.

Lin Feng glanced down and gulped down another cup of alcohol. He reached out and tugged his collar, his fringe falling down, looking extremely mesmerising when he lit his cigarette.

The woman leaned in closer, but Lin Feng was oblivious. He stepped back, as if he was still sober, and muttered to himself. “He doesn’t like it when others touch me.”

The girl thought that he was referring to his girlfriend and didn’t think much of it. If he didn’t let her accompany him tonight, she would have to accompany someone else.

Hence, the girl selfishly hoped Lin Feng could drink more. And Lin Feng indeed drank a little too much, and was even a little unstable.

When the dinner was about to end, the girl wanted to support him.

Swoosh! The room door was pulled open.

Everyone stilled.

When they saw the person outside, they immediately stood up. After all, the Yun family has started bringing Yun Hu out for activities.

Hence, these people could still recognise Young Master Yun. However, he didn’t seem that easy to approach.

That was normal for a person with his status.

When the bosses saw him here, they first fell in a daze before hurriedly standing up. But before they could speak, that person walked in and took the girl’s place, his gaze a little cold. He supported Lin Feng with one hand and after sniffing the smell on him lightly, he spoke. “I must have disturbed everyone but we have to go somewhere. My assistant has settled the bill so please have fun.”