Chapter 1635 - Untitled

Chapter 1635: Untitled

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It was just a polite sentence, but they understood what he meant. More importantly, although they knew Manager Lin was different, they never imagined his other half to be Young Master Yun. They thought that he had kept a little celebrity or something of that sort. After all, they like to live such lifestyles.

They hadn’t expected it to be like this. His other half is someone so powerful, but yet, he still personally attended his businesses. What’s with that?

This was bad. Young Master Yun had personally come to get him so they wouldn’t have dared to keep him.

They were even worried that Young Master Yun would misunderstand, thinking it was dinner for Manager Lin to do something out of line. Hence, they hurriedly thanked him. “We will treat, if there is an opportunity in the future. Young Master, you must definitely give us the honour.”

“We’ll talk about it next time.” It was difficult to read his eyes. “Thank you for the care you provided him today.”

The bosses: …Is his gratitude real or fake…

Probably because the voice was too familiar, Lin Feng glanced over instinctively when he heard it. “Yun Hu?”

“This is indeed a blessing, our Young Master Lin is still able to recognise me.” Yun Hu replied in a moderate pace. But Lin Feng could still hear the unhappiness and small tantrum in his tone.

He didn’t even have the chance to throw a tantrum. How did Yun Hu end up striking first?

No, he couldn’t leave, he had to have a talk with him.

Lin Feng tugged his collar and when they left the room, he turned his hand and pressed Yun Hu against the wall, his handsome face looking intoxicated. “I’m annoyed, do you know that?”

“Annoyed?” Yun Hu’s eyes dimmed entirely when he heard the word, he pushed him aside and raised his brows. “Why? Because I interrupted your plans?”

Lin Feng was braver after he drank. “What plans? Don’t try to change the topic.”

Yun Hu had more to say, but just then, someone walked out from inside. It was the beauty that sat beside Lin Feng, and she was looking at him longingly.

That longing pierced Yun Hu’s eyes. It made the possessiveness that hadn’t surfaced in a long time take the upperhand.

Without any consideration, he stretched out his hand to stop the drunken man, and slammed a kiss on his thin lips. He held hard with his right hand, not giving him any chance to retaliate, as if that was the only way he could calm down and listen to his explanation.

Both of them are wearing suits and had similar long and slender figures. At this moment, it was indescribably beautiful with the bamboo curtain in between.

A lot of people saw the kiss.

The person that had informed Yun Hu thought that after this time, probably no one would dare to bring Lin Feng to such a place again. Even if it was a business deal, they would have to consider the venue. After all, no one wanted to offend Young Master Yun.

Some businessmen understood, they did not say anything even after seeing them. However, the girl stilled and froze because she was so close to the both of them.

And the Young Master with a prestigious background wasn’t looking at her kindly. Especially after the kiss,with the bamboo curtain separating them, he had cast her a glance as if trying to say that he was his.

Lin Feng seemed to have calmed down from the kiss. He hissed all of a sudden, reached out his arm and covered his eyes. “I seem to have drank too much.”

“You allowed someone to get close to you because you drank too much?” Yun Hu pressed against his head. “Mmh?”

Lin Feng glanced over. “Didn’t I tell you that I’m annoyed?”