Chapter 1636 - Untitled

Chapter 1636: Untitled

Yun Hu was about to ask him what he was annoyed about when he straightened, looking serious. In reality, he wasn’t sober yet. He glanced at him, his gaze deep. “Why did you hesitate when I said we should get married?”

Married? Everyone around them was shocked.

Yun Hu looked at his sullen face and asked. “When did I hesitate?”

“Can’t I tell if you hesitated?” Lin Feng slouched to the side and lit a cigarette, probably to clear his mind. “This is annoying.”

Yun Hu glanced at him, he removed the cigarette from his fingers and glanced down. “So you are annoyed because you thought that I hesitated?”

“What do you mean by ‘I thought’, at that time…” Although he was drunk, he could still remember his attitude. It’s a pity he didn’t manage to finish his sentence.

Yun Hu interrupted him, his tone slow. “I was replying to Z at that time, besides, I already bought a plane ticket overseas for you to get married abroad. You gave me your Household Register and personal details that day, don’t you remember?”

Lin Feng stilled, his handsome voice falling into a daze. “Wasn’t it for the company expansion?”

“Why would the company expansion need your Household Register and photograph?” Yun Hu arched his brows.

Lin Feng grabbed a wad of hair, it was embarrassing. There probably isn’t anyone around, right?

How can there not be anyone, basically everyone in the corporate world was present but no one dared to offend Young Master Yun, hence, they didn’t make any sound.

However, the topic of marriage really shocked them. Weren’t they just playing around? They were going to get married?

With Manager Lin’s background, they could still believe it if the other party is doing business, but he is Young Master Yun.

After the Lin’s had fallen, Young Master Yun probably wouldn’t have much concerns about playing with Manager Lin. After all, the Yuns are in power now. But marriage…

Everyone was clearly in shock.

Lin Feng noticed their looks, and was much more sober.

Basically, he knew that he had caused a troublesome problem.

He wasn’t aware, but he was particularly concerned whenever Yun Hu was involved. Or perhaps, he didn’t feel secure. He couldn’t explain it.

They had known each other for a very long time. The more Lin Feng went out for social events, the more he thought sometimes. He knew what the events were like.

In the future, once he reached that position, there would be many people trying to send him women. If women didn’t work, they could send him men. These were the rules after he was of age. If it was just once or twice, perhaps he wouldn’t waver, but thereafter…

He must have liked man from the start.

These thoughts made him feel annoyed. Rather than being afraid of not being together. If the time comes, he wouldn’t want to let go even if the other party has a change of heart.

If he let go, he would still be incredibly jealous. But if they were purely brothers, there wouldn’t be such things.

He didn’t want to become someone like that, begging for mercy because of love. Likewise, Lin Feng had realised something. It was becoming increasingly harder to leave him.

He had even thought of marrying him. He must be going crazy. Hence, he was so bothered about his reaction. And had all these random thoughts.