Chapter 1637 - Jealous

Chapter 1637: Jealous

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“I’m asking you something, would the company expansion require your Household Register and photograph?” Yun Hu repeated his question.

Lin Feng coughed lightly, when he finally realised the situation, he stuttered. “Did you say we are going to get married abroad?”

“Mmh.” Yun Hu glanced over.

Lin Feng tugged his collar again, not looking into his eyes. “We are really getting married?”

“Are you shy, Almighty Lin Feng?” In the past when they gamed, Yun Hu would always tease him with the term Almighty.

Lin Feng raised his eyes. “When was I shy? I was just surprised. You should have told me in advance if we get married in such a hurry so that I get my secretary to prepare a set of clothes, and…”

“I have everything prepared.” Yun Hu laughed lightly. “You just have to agree when the priest asks you the question.”

Lin Feng flushed, and replied with an “Oh”.

Yun Hu asked again. “Sober?”

“I have been sober since a long time ago. With your sudden appearance, those that weren’t aware probably thought someone owed you money.” Lin Feng was very handsome during the dinner but now, he started to talk a lot in front of Yun Hu.

Yun Hu laughed slowly, he stretched out his arm and held his wrist, his voice calm. “Since you are sober, we can talk about how you almost cheated just now.”


F*ck!? Isn’t that going too far? When did he cheat? He just had too much to drink.

Lin Feng opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

When Yunhu passed by the beauty standing at the side, he paused slightly. “Do you need to bid farewell to your confidante.”

Lin Feng didn’t have to say anything at this moment. Was this being caught red handed?

He didn’t do anything, but Lin Feng knew, there seemed to be someone especially close to him just now.

Before he left home, Yun Hu told him he could attend the socialising event but he couldn’t let anyone touch him… that scary possiveness. He didn’t notice it in the past.

After Yun Hu took him away, the businessman inside the room walked out in disbelief. Thereafter, another figure strolled over with a beauty, smiling casually. “You have also seen it, Young Master Yun doesn’t like it when he comes to such places. In the future, choose a more formal location for socialising.”

Everyone: …Young Master Li, as someone that discusses business deals here everyday, is it appropriate for you to say this?

After returning to the car, Yunhu threw the jacket he was holding to one side. It was Lin Feng’s jacket. He drank so much he didn’t even know to wear his suit jacket, and that bothered Yun Hu the most. Of course, he was also bothered about him being touched.

Yun Hu is very afraid of one thing because this person used to like girls. It wasn’t easy for him to have accepted him and to start in such a manner.

If a girl deliberately seduces him away. What is he going to do if he tries it with a girl and finds it better? Hence, he didn’t wish for him to go to such places.

Probably because there wasn’t anyone around, Yun Hu pressed his wrist violently and held him down on the car. He leaned his head against his shoulder, and lowered his figure slightly, his voice hoarse and dangerous. “If I didn’t come, were you really going to take that woman away?”