Chapter 1638 - Untitled

Chapter 1638: Untitled

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“How is that possible? What nonsense are you saying?” Lin Feng leaned back, his ears hot. “We don’t have to discuss it in such a position.”

Yun Hu didn’t move. “You were too close to her just now.”

“Were we very close?” Lin Feng’s eyes flickered, he turned his hands and pushed, and their positions changed. “I’m serious, it was because I was annoyed just now. I am not annoyed anymore, if someone gets too close to me, I will definitely push them away. Besides, we already did it before, would I still be interested in a woman?”

“What did we do before?” They were both pinned onto the car but with Yun Hu, the momentum changed, becoming extremely slow.

Lin Feng replied. “That thing, we did it before!”

Yun Hu arched his brows. “Can I understand that in the future, no matter what the situation is, you will never touch other people.”

“Definitely.” Lin Feng glanced at him and frowned. “Were you really worried I would be interested in someone else?”


The unexpected answer made him still.

Yunhu held down the back of his head, his thin lips falling on the corners of his mouth, and he bit hard. Even his voice was lowered. “You never seem to realize how many admirers are around you, be it man or woman. You are challenging my bottom line every time and you still keep the love letter from your first love in your drawer.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth. “I forgot to throw it away, anyways, didn’t you snatch my first love? Besides, you guys got together before my love could blossom. I feel wronged.”

“Indeed, logically, I shouldn’t be like this, I’ve always thought it wasn’t generous to be entangled with people from the past. But with you, I can’t be generous.” Yun Hu glanced at him. “I don’t like seeing something from a girl that used to have a crush on you whenever I open your drawer.”

Lin Feng was slightly confused because of his serious expression. He never thought that Yun Hu would also feel insecure. He thought that he was the only one who was insecure.

But from the looks of it, if you really love someone, would there be times you felt this way?

“I’ll throw it away when I get back.” Lin Feng changed the topic. “Shouldn’t you also remind Li Yu to stop sending you people, does he really think I’m dead.”

Yun Hu paused and broke into a sudden laugh. “He wouldn’t dare.”

“He sent it before.” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, wearing an expression that seemed to say, ‘don’t think I don’t know’. He was exceptionally handsome.

Yun Hu replied slowly. “That was a long time ago. When you didn’t agree, I smashed his store.”

Lin Feng: …He was indeed at a loss for words.

“Compare my attitude towards the person sent to me, and look at yourself again.” Yun Hu straightened and adjusted his collar. “Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Lin Feng didn’t think he was right. He was kissed the next time he regained his senses.

“It’s not safe, so hurry up so that we can get the deal completed overseas.” His breath fell and this was the last thing Yun Hu said.

Overseas, in Fifth Avenue.

International friend William, always thought that being the best man was challenging. He hadn’t expected Qin Mo that big demon to run errands.

Does he look like an errand boy? He is the son of a world famous director! Understand it a little, ok?