Chapter 1639 - Almighty Qin Strikes

Chapter 1639: Almighty Qin Strikes

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His opinion didn’t matter, he still had to finish his tasks. This was the time to show the Chinese Demon his wealth! Therefore, William invited a lot of people from almost all professions, just to put on a show in front of Qin Mo.

One of them just found it boring: “Is there going to be anything? If there isn’t, I’ll go back first.”

“You’ll be gaming if you go back and what’s good about being in front of the computer?” William lowered his voice. “Wait, the demon will be coming soon.”

The person was indeed interested in gaming but he wasn’t interested in Chinese and William went too overboard with his description of him.

How can a Chinese be that powerful? In games, they were always trashed by him. Not to mention in reality.

He invested a lot of money in his company’s gaming department and was preparing to enter competitions. Of course he didn’t have time to waste here.

“Find me again when the Chinese can reach my height.” The man stood up, prepared to leave.

Just then, the door was pushed open. It was Qin Mo.

He wasn’t wearing a suit, just a simple shirt and long pants but the noble air around him made the person in front pause.

Sometimes, to see if a person has status, in addition to their watch, there is another thing that would show, and that is their cufflinks.

This time, Qin Mo was wearing the cuffs Bo Jiu gifted him.

In some respects, Bo Jiu has always been more luxurious than Qin Mo. It is enough to see the value of the cufflinks.

Setting money aside, many people wanted it, but it was already bought and collected at an auction.

Many businessmen wanted this as an embellishment. Abbott, the person who had been speaking was one of them.

When he saw the cufflinks on Qin Mo’s right sleeve, his pupils wavered and he shifted his gaze over.

William was panicking. What should he do?

The demon must have heard what he said. And based on the demon’s personality, he would definitely make him pay.

He hadn’t forgotten the demon’s background!

Obviously, Abbott didn’t realize his problem. He was very polite and respectful in front of others, and smiled lightly. “Are you William’s chinese friend?”

Qin Mo raised his eyes carelessly, and replied nonchalantly, “Yeah.”

This allowed Abbott to quickly make his judgment.

On the surface, he seemed to have a formidable aura, but in reality, he was like most of the Chinese people he knows, bad with words and had poor communication skills. Previously, there were several universities that rejected Chinese because of that.

He agreed that the Chinese are better in terms of technical expertise, but they are average in other areas.

In order to stop William from worshipping this man, it was better to break him now. Moreover, he was very interested in the cufflinks on his sleeve.

It was stange, how did the cufflinks end up with a Chinese?

Abbott’s golden eyes laughed, with a hint of arrogance. “I heard you got William to help you find a wedding venue?”

“Help?” Qin Mo found the word amusing.

William felt a chill run through his back. Alright, he received payment for it.

Abbott continued. “Some venues can only be visited by locals, and with William’s connections, they can be found, but it is not free, sir.

Qin Mo raised a brow. “Oh?”

Abbott continued. “Of course, friends wouldn’t charge, so we came to a compromise.”