Chapter 164 - Almighty Starts to Grill Fu Jiu

Chapter 164: Almighty Starts to Grill Fu Jiu

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Her little butler didn't even come out to welcome her …

Fu Jiu lowered her head in confusion. She still needed to use her hands to drag Feng Shang, so she didn't notice that the one and only extended Lincoln in Jiang City was parked in the dark along the side of the road.

There was nobody in the hall.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and directly went upstairs. She wanted to wash Baby Feng's face first.

But to her surprise, the moment she pushed her door open, Almighty Qin, the only person who shouldn't be here, showed up in her front of her face, holding a book that used to be on her shelf. That handsome, godlike face was calm and peaceful, and he was lazily sitting on the wooden chair, with his black suit and handmade Italian leather shoes. He leaned his elbow on the armrest. His eyes as cold as the chilly autumn outside, but his voice was still indifferent as always. "So here you are!"

Fu Jiu paused. He did sound like her big brother.

She wanted to explain. She tightened her hand, and Student Feng jumped out from behind. "I-i-idol, let's drink another round! And then, I-I-I will go to your place and sleep-sleep over!"

"Sleep over?" Qin Mo repeated as he stood up with a half-smile. The depths of his eyes was exuding coldness. "Not bad, coming home with the second young master of Feng family. Now there's my great little brother!"

Almighty Qin's words meant the exact opposite!

Someone who was smart like Fu Jiu surely wouldn't be stupid about such a confrontation. She laughed lightly, "We had a team meeting today, and it went really well so we drank a little. I couldn't let him go home like this, so I took him home with me. Brother Mo, I'm not doing anything to Baby Feng, I swear. Otherwise, his big brother will kill me!"

"I'm not sure if his brother would kill you, but if you do it again…" Qin Mo moved closer, and his breath felt extremely icy as it hit Fu Jiu's face. "I will break your paws and your legs."

Hearing his words, Fu Jiu touched her nose and glanced at the physics book on her desk. She couldn't help but feel shocked… tutoring again?

Even if this god wanted to tutor her, he would have gone to the school; he wouldn't have come to her place.

So he actually went to her school, but came over to her house only because she wasn't there?

Fu Jiu now realized how serious this situation was. A businessman who saw time as life like this god would never wait for anyone… With his personality, he had to get these losses back from her no matter what.

It was good that Qin Mo wasn't in a hurry to grill Fu Jiu. He turned away and took out his phone. His eyes were still focused on her as he dialed a number with his long fingers.

Manager Feng, who was at an evening party with his team, was shocked to see that there was an incoming call. From the CEO?

His Almighty never called him first?

Before, this god would only pick up his phone call after he had already called him five times. Sometimes, this god would say, "Feng Yi, don't call me all the time if there's nothing important, understand?"

He wanted so badly to throw his phone away when he heard these words at those times!

Now… humph, humph!

Manager Feng coughed seriously and lowered his voice. He tried very hard to be mature and calm about the situation. "CEO Qin, what's up?"

On the other side of the call, there seemed to be someone smiling. "Feng Yi, I'm giving you twenty minutes to come to the Fu residence and pick up your drunk little brother. If I don't see you here within twenty minutes, you can get yourself a plane ticket to South Africa, and I will deliver your little brother there in a package too. Are we clear?"

He asked if it was clear?

What kind of place was South Africa? A country where he could only eat dirt?

"CEO Qin, wait, I'm on my waynow!"