Chapter 1640 - Untitled

Chapter 1640: Untitled

William wanted to tell him to shut up!

Qin Mo asked, “What kind of compromise?”

“It’s not good to ask for payment directly. I happened to be playing games recently and heard from William that you used to game in the past. Let’s compete. If you win, we will help you with both the venue and anything else. ” Abbott smiled. “If you lose, why don’t we use your cufflinks as payment.”

Qin Mo glanced at his cuff and said, “Although I have made the payment, I don’t like it when other people have ideas about my things. What game do you want to compete in?”

“How about Hero?” Abbott didn’t expect that he had paid, but since he agreed, he would continue with the script he had written.

Qin Mo arched his brows slowly. “Hero?”

“That’s right, Hero. You should know how to play it, after all, it’s such a hot game.” Abbott didn’t hear the meaning behind his words.

Qin Mo tugged his collar, looking calm. “I know how to play it.”

“There is no computer here and the server operation is more complicated than the mobile game. In order to finish this quickly, let’s play the mobile game.” Abbott said and took out his mobile phone.

Qin Mo had deleted the game after coming over. He glanced over at Wiliam. “Get me a phone with the game.”

When Abbott heard these words, he was more convinced that this person that William called the Demon, was an exaggeration. In terms of gaming, he should be average. Otherwise, it wasn’t possible that he didn’t have Hero on his phone.

William, who was familiar with Qin Mo, wanted to remind his friend. The demon is especially scary like this!

“Only my account can be used on my phone.” William was still struggling.

Qin Mo glanced at him. “Then I’ll use your account.”

I just started playing and don’t have anything.” Honestly, William was horrible at games and didn’t have much time to play. With so many beautiful women accompanying him, who had the time, right? Anyways, it wasn’t because he was bad at it.

Qin Mo replied faintly. “I just need a character.”

What else could William say? He pushed his phone over, not wishing to offend the Demon.

Abbot reached over and tapped his back. “Hey, seriously, lift your head up.”

William: Shut up, what do you know!

Abbot was still laughing. “Your account doesn’t have anything and you’re horrible at this. Just watch how I fight him.”

“Oh.” William replied. “I’m horrible at it?” Big Demon, trash him!

Abbott still wasn’t sure of the situation and entered into his account first.

He was originally a friend of William, hence, it was convenient to send an invitation.

Qin Mo glanced at his account, there was indeed nothing. Fortunately, there was an assassin he could use.

Abbott was still a gentleman. “Do you want to swap accounts?”

“It’s not necessary.” Qin Mo’s long fingers moved across the screen, adjusting the set up. “Let’s start.”

At this moment a figure walked in.

She has silver hair, matched with a black T-shirt, and skin as white as an aristocratic vampire. The corners of her lips lifted into a smile. “I found you.”

William opened his mouth. “Jiu…”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu walked over and glanced towards Qin Mo’s hand. “Game?”

William coughed twice. “It’s like this, my friend wants to compete with the big Demon… I mean Qin Mo.”