Chapter 1641 - Untitled

Chapter 1641: Untitled

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He wants to challenge Brother Mo to a game? When Bo Jiu heard what he said, her beautiful brows lifted and she broke into her characteristic evil smile.

This smile brought back the horrors from William’s childhood. Everytime Jiu looked like that, someone was down on their luck.

Abbott didn’t understand what was happening.

Just then, he saw the silver haired pretty boy walk towards them and tap his shoulders. Excuse me? Abbott had a bewildered expression. What’s the meaning of this?

“Brother, I admire you.” Bo Jiu smiled lightly, turned her head and said to the people over there. “Is your friend good at games?”

The people from William’s side smiled. “Of course, Abbott is basically a professional.”

“Oh?” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. “Then should we have a bet?”

“Are you sure? I’m betting on Abbott.”

“Mmh, with money. I’m sure.” It’s time to make some side income. If Bo Jiu had a silver tail behind her at this moment, it would definitely be wagging. Her schemes were clear to Qin Mo.

He didn’t stop her since daily entertainment can make a certain someone simpler. After all, a certain someone’s rebellious stage was a little long.

“Friend, you should bet a little less, I’m afraid you would lose too much.” Abbott added.

Bo Jiu seemed to smile, “Oh?”

The person from their side made some introductions. “Abbott is very well versed with the game and has been investing in this area recently. His team is about to participate in the World Championship. You really shouldn’t be competing with him.”

Bo Jiu replied carelessly. “Let’s compete first and talk later.” She was in a rush to collect money.

William leaned over. “Can he really play?”

“Mmh hmm.” Bo Jiu asked, “How rich is this guy?”

William took a moment. “He is very rich, he wants the demon’s cufflinks.”

It wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t bring up the cufflinks but the moment William brought it up, Bo Jiu glanced over, her voice slow. “Then I’ll raise my stakes.”

William: …You seem like you are trying to bankrupt him.

Abbott remained indifferent, his fingers moving slightly, and he asked Qin Mo. “Do you need a minute head start to prepare your equipment? After all, we are betting money and your friend seems to have high hopes for you.”

“My lover.” Qin Mo replied.

Abbott didn’t understand what he meant. “Mmh?”

“She is my lover.” Qin Mo replied calmly.

Abbott paused, weren’t Chinese supposed to be more conservative, where is that?

“Hey, Abbott, you can’t be in a daze.” A voice came from the side. “We bet our money on you.”

Abbott confidently chose the character he was good at. “I’ll be right up.”

Winning was a breeze to him.

Qin Mo chose a low blood assassin. He couldn’t beat his auxiliary tank, and would definitely lose.

“My friend, you really don’t know anything about this game. It’s no longer an Assassin stream anymore. You should look at the tank if you are competing in a 1V1.” Abbott slid his finger. “But don’t worry, since you are William’s friend, I will go easy on you.”

With that, Abbott maneuvered his character, dashing straight out.

There were no big screens here, so the few of them surrounded Wiliam to watch.

Bo Jiu took out a laptop.

Qin Mo multi-tasked, and swept her a glance. “What are you doing?”

Bo Jiu smiled, looking evil. “I’m preparing for online transfer in case anyone says they don’t have enough cash.”