Chapter 1642 - Untitled

Chapter 1642: Untitled

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William: …You even thought of that?

Does the Demon play very well?

William was horrible at games, he didn’t pay attention to professional game competition, and besides, it was far from him. Hence, he didn’t know that Qin Mo was a professional player.

The people on Abbott’s side were especially interested in seeing how he trashed Qin Mo. Hence, they didn’t notice the movements on their side.

It’s just that Abbott has cleared the soldiers for a long time, and has begun to clear towers, and yet, there is no sign of him on the map. Was he too afraid to appear?

“William, get your friend to come out. How are we supposed to fight if he doesn’t appear?”

The people on his end started to laugh.

Before the words landed, they say Abbott’s hand froze. The next second, a sharp voice sounded.

First blood!

The first drop of blood? Abbott killed someone? They glanced down at the screen and stilled, opening their mouth in disbelief. “Abbott, why are you dead?”

Abbott hadn’t expected it at all.

He set up an army line, but he was still slashed apart from the back.

How did he appear so quickly? Moreover, he was a tank. In a 1V1, the tank would definitely defeat the assassin.

He was clearly badly wounded just now. If he had been a little closer, the other party would have been killed instead.

“I wasn’t paying attention.” Abbott neglected the part that had made his eyes confused, and emptied the orbwalk. “Wait a minute.”

Abbott decided not to waste time and went straight to the opponent’s area to find him.

After Abbott was revived, he walked out from his river position without a single thought. Anyways, with the fog as cover, the opponent wouldn’t be able to locate him.

But this was just Abbot’s own thoughts.

Before he could cross the river the view Qin Mo had previously placed in the wilderness became useful.

Abbott sensed the danger and wanted to retreat, but the silvery white figure beside him was a step faster, sending him flying along with a big move.

Abbott was bewildered. Why was the attack power so high? Wasn’t he using William’s account? His account shouldn’t have anything!

Wait a minute, the finances! Why was his finances so much higher than his!

Abbott wanted to retreat. However, he found that the other party was able to predict every step he took, including his landing. Qin Mo caught everything clearly and plainly.

Very quickly. The sound blasted through once more!

Abbott looked at his character lying on the ground and then at the silvery white shadow that was back to half tank of blood. His pupils started to shake.

The people at the side started to pale. “Abbott you…”

“What are you panicking about, I’m a late stage hero.” Abbott flushed, he glanced up towards Qin Mo who was playing effortlessly. “Wait till I develop the character, I will be totally different!”

At this moment, Qin Mo placed his phone to the side and stuffed a hand into his pocket, his voice calm. “I’ll wait till you clear the soldiers before continuing, your home is gone.”

Abbott stilled, realising that the last defense tower on the top lane was gone.

That guy had been cutting off his soldiers!

“I don’t need it!” Abbott bit down on his teeth. “Play as you wish.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo arched his brow and picked up his phone once more.

Abbott watched as the silvery white figure brought a string of soldiers into his city lake.