Chapter 1643 - Untitled

Chapter 1643: Untitled

That arrogant? Abbott’s eyes dimmed, thinking that this was his turf. He wanted to go hard, so he would let him die here.

Abbott struck the blue beasts with his big move, released an attack and wanted to finish off Qin Mo.

At this moment, even if his finances were much worse, he would have the upperhand by relying on the attack of the crystal lake.

What he hadn’t expected was that Qin Mo wasn’t affected even after so many attacks were inflicted on him.

Abbott stilled, the silvery white figure was shining in a golden glow, his eyes shaking.

It’s gold! When did he change his equipment?

Abbott was at a loss for words.

He ran out of skills and was sent flying into the sky. That person’s maneuvering made his eyes spin. He couldn’t react at all.

Abbott’s hands were numb. He watched as he trashed his character to its death in the lake.

Is he… a monster? His hand speed and maneuvering made it seem like Abbott was being held at his neck.

Qin Mo stood there, seemingly saying, “If I fight as I wish, you don’t have to play anymore.”

Abbott’s face turned green, but he was still upright. After the city was destroyed, his face burned. Under his friend’s disbelieving gaze, he spoke solemnly. “I lost. I will try my best for the venue.”

With that, he wanted to leave with the group.

Bo Jiu leaned over with an evil smile. “Dear sirs, please pay up.”

They wouldn’t have had that much cash on hand. They watched as she turned her laptop, a smile on her face. “You can do an internet transfer.”

Everyone: …How could she have thought of this!?

William, where did you meet these two Chinese!

They were basically aware of why William called that aristocratic man a Demon. He looked so indifferent, but when he started moving his hands, it sent a chill down their backs.

They weren’t sore losers but the amount was a little high.

Abbott wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, someone laughed near his ears. “I heard that you were interested in my finance’s cufflinks. People will generally be interested in things that don’t belong to them which will cause trouble. Abbott, you uncle is much smarter than you, otherwise, you grandfather wouldn’t be hesitating on his successor.”

Abbott froze. He looked at the androgynous face in front of him, that seemed to be kissed by the Heavens. Although she was smiling with bright eyes and white teeth, he felt a sense of darkness, like the noble vampires in the movies that could see through all his secrets.

“Who exactly are you, how do you…” knows about his family matters?

Bo Jiu brushed past his shoulders. “Over here, there is nothing I don’t know.”

You must have been seeking death to have bullied my Little Princess Mo.

William knew that she was a protective husband. He was watching from the side and had a faint idea. Abbott was to blame, why did he have to provoke the Demon? He provoked him once when he was younger, and was beaten by Jiu until he started to question life.

It was better not to bring up that experience. After all, Jiu seemed to be flawless in front of Qin Mo.

For example, she was still smiling with her head upright, as if she hadn’t been the one who said those harsh words. “Brother Mo, look, we have more bridal money.”

The group of rich people: …