Chapter 1644 - Untitled

Chapter 1644: Untitled

11.30PM. Jiang City international airport.

After Lin Feng and Yun Hu retired, the Supreme Alliance members had never been this complete. This time, all of them were here. Even Yin Wuyao who had gone out to relax. He looked dapper in his suit.

These people were used to wearing their team uniform and now that they changed into suits, they kept having the urge to tug on their collar.

Mo Bei was the youngest one amongst them. She carried a backpack and wore a cap, her little face expressionless regardless of how Coco teased her.

Coco was helpless. “Little Bey has no reaction at all.”

“Who says she doesn’t have any reaction.” Feng Yi led the team, and he smiled. “Hasn’t she been thinking about how to give the flowers?”

Coco ignored him and continued to tease her.

At this moment, Mo Bei lowered her lids. Because of her short height, she seems very small, but her aura has gradually developed. “Don’t disturb me, I’m watching the process.”

Coco laughed and turned to tug at Feng Shang. “Look, Little Bey is angry, she is angry.”

Feng Shang pretended like he didn’t know this guy!

The Supreme Alliance seemed the same as before. There is never a cold moment when they are together. Even though Lin Feng was dressed respectably now, he would still get together with them.

Sometimes, when Feng Yi saw them, he would wonder if they could fight another match. Just one game.

Thereafter, he no longer had that thought, because Lin Feng and Yun Hu retired.

He thought of many ways to send them off one day, but he never thought that it was because of people’s questions.

It wasn’t that bad now. It was all digested internally. In the future, they could still gather regularly.

Young Master Qin probably wanted to hide it completely, so that their undisrupted lives in the future would be good.

Marriage. Something like that. Feng Yi had never thought about it before. Originally, they were all lonely people, but fortunately, the Supreme Alliance had a little one.

Feng Yi liked to call Mo Bei the little one.

It was like this the entire road, not a single dull moment. Until their plane landed.

Lin Feng asked. “What does the groom have to do?”

Even the gold class manager, Fox Feng paused for a while. “I’m not married, thank you.”

Coco replied unceremoniously. “Yun Hu should be the only one considering this, you don’t have to think about it.”

“F*ck, what do you mean!” Lin Feng tugged his tie, looking handsome. “Do you want to fight?”

Coco asked, “Do you think i’m scared? Come on.”

Feng Yi pulled them apart. “Watch your actions, we are overseas.”

“Master sent me the address.” Mo Bei said. “It seems to be this location, she wants us to go there directly.”

Lin Feng glanced over. “Who found this place? It doesn’t seem like Captain’s style.”

“Didn’t Little Spade do the proposing? She must have chosen it.” The corner of Coco’s lips lifted. “Didn’t Captain say he was marrying into her family.”

“Captain is probably the only one who can say that in such a fresh and refined manner.”

“Let’s go.” Yun Hu just wanted him to legally belong to him as soon as possible.

On Fifth Avenue. In the private villa area.

If you walked further up the mountain, there was an extremely small church.

Even though the church was small, it was beautifully decorated. There were even vines crawling up the wall, with white roses as embellishments.

It was covered with black and red roses inside. Some people said that this was a private church of the nobles in the past and some others said that it was the former residence of a Vampire Earl.

Now, the surroundings were so beautiful it looked like a painting. From a distance, you could see a white wooden fence and flower clusters surrounded by white yarn.