Chapter 1645 - Demoness Jiu

Chapter 1645: Demoness Jiu

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But the groom…

Qin Mo arched his brows slowly. “Are you sure I have to dress like this?’

Hoshino smiled faintly, gentle as a jade, while waiting for the drama to unravel. “It’s Jiu’s intention. Why? You don’t like to cosplay a character in the game?”

Qin Mo ignored his question and looked past him towards You Sixin, his voice calm. “You brought your family?”

Hoshino paused.

Qin Mo stood up and glanced at his white clothes.

A character in the game? Should he be glad that he didn’t hang a gourd for him?

You Sixin shook the wine glass next to him: “You should be glad she didn’t dress you in female clothes. Young Master Qin, think about it, you are marrying Z. In the future, remember to watch over her and solve any problem internally.”

Qin Mo glanced over and adjusted his sleeves, not a change to the aristocratic air around him. “Such insecurity, it seems like there isn’t much progress. You should think about the reason you are still single before reminding me.”

You Sixin narrowed his eyes but didn’t reply. Is getting married such a big deal?

That agreement. You Sixin glanced back at Hoshino, his gaze deepening.

As one of the groomsmen, William was in charge of bringing in the guests. So he was outside doing crowd control.

Behind him was a crazy Russian man that was chasing him.

That’s right, a man.

William was about to go crazy. Is he blind? He is straight. He had even sent him flowers, f*ck.

After William drove him away aggressively, he hugged a blonde beauty and said melancholy. “The person I have liked since I was a child is about to get married, and I have to be the best man.”

The blonde beauty treated it as a joke.

Just then, he saw someone with long black hair walking over.

The back view was stunning. Especially the person’s height, William liked that too.

An Asian beauty! William’s eyes lit up, he tousled his golden hair, and leaned forward, thinking he was handsome.

“Beautiful…” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the person ahead glance down, a sharpness beneath his eyes, the cold air sending a chill down his back.

He… he is a man? How can there be such a good looking man?

You Sixin smiled, looking bloodthirsty. “Finish your sentence if you dare and I will destroy you.”

William: …Wait a minute, are the people here Jiu’s friends?

Jiu, where did you know these dangerous people?! His glare could kill!

You Sixin watched as William trembled and smirked, entering the church.

The person that walked out from inside had a black veil on her head, seemingly reminding him. “Xin, this is the Fifth Avenue. What do you mean by speaking so harshly to my childhood friend?”

You Sixin looked down. “Did you receive the wedding gift?”

“Information system.” The person standing in the light and shadow smiled. “Something feels wrong with such a huge gift.”

You Sixin arched his brow. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re demanding someone from me.” Bo Jiu walked forward, the black veil cast a shadow on her face as it swayed with the wind. She stood in front of the holy church, reminding others of Lilith, who lives in hell, like a female vampire, handsome and bewitching as a demoness.

You Sixin looked at her. “Since you already know, I wouldn’t have to say that too much. How long are you going to make him stay by your side with that agreement?”