Chapter 1646 - Untitled

Chapter 1646: Untitled

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Bo Jiu smiled. “I’ll have to wait till someone can take him away. It depends on him. I don’t want your information system, he can leave or come back whenever he wants but honestly, my Hoshino isn’t someone that would casually allow someone to do as he pleases. Or perhaps, our Young Master Sixin wants to be the one being pampered?”

You Sixin choked, his beautiful face darkening, a darkness flooding from his eyes.

Bo Jiu took a step forward, as formidable as ever, the black veil making her glamorous “Don’t tell me. You really seem like the one being pampered.”

You Sixin bit down on his teeth. He hadn’t had the chance to speak.

“Focus on being the groomsman, and if i’m happy, I might just let Hoshino leave.”

Of course, Bo Jiu said that deliberately. In reality, even if You Sixin hadn’t mentioned it, she had planned to tell Hoshino about it today.

Outside the church, William watched as a group walked over.

Abbott was standing beside him. Ever since he was trashed by Qin Mo, Abbott had indeed provided everything about the church. After all, he couldn’t figure out that guy’s background.

Now, there were suddenly so many people. The two foreigners were stunned.

“This church isn’t bad.” Coco commented. “I’ll hold my wedding here in the future as well.”

Rao Rong stepped in. “That’s hard, as someone who isn’t even attached, you can forget about it.”

“…As though you have one.”

“Come, come, help me take a touristy shot.” Lin Feng said.

Mo Bei carried her own bag, the little figure looking helpless there. Why would someone who came to marry have the mood to take touristy photos?

William who was standing at the side was helpless as well. After all, they were dressed respectably and should be guests to the wedding. But touristy photo… was he bullying him for his inability to speak chinese?

William was still hesitating on whether he should greet them.

Feng Yi walked over, looking like a businessman. “Excuse me, are you Mr William? We are here to attend the wedding.”

William nodded. “I am, I am.” There was finally a normal person! He had to cherish him!

“Where are they?” Feng Yi asked.

Mo Bei who was standing beside him had raised her head and was looking somewhere.

It was Bo Jiu, dressed in black silk, matched with a crimson rose in her hands. It seemed like a scene out of a comic book. As she walked over, a black warbler soared behind her, and large clusters of black feathers fell. There was a black diamond crown on top of her silver hair, which was both evil and luxurious.

In that instant, they realised that this person was really going to get married.

Her wedding dress was different and even the accessories were different. They seemed to have entered the demon realm and had met the stunning lord.

“Master.” Mo Bei walked over, a small figure without much expression on her face. She stretched out her hands and lifted the tails of her dress, still carrying her backpack.

Bo Jiu smiled and stretched out her hand to caress Mo Bei’s head. “You’re here?”

“Mmh.” Mo Bei stood there obediently.

When Qin Mo came out and caught that scene, he narrowed his eyes. Just then he heard a curse from the side, “F*ck.”

“Captain, what’s with your outfit?”