Chapter 1647 - Untitled

Chapter 1647: Untitled

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Lin Feng stilled, his eyes didn’t even move. The others also turned to look in Qin Mo’s direction.

He wore a snowy white robe, standing quietly, the originally wide sleeves were filled with wind. The sense of abstinence and the intellectual vibe were both quite strong, making him look like a young master from ancient times.

Many goods looking people didn’t suit white clothes, but Qin Mo seemed to have the aura of a dynasty prince. Even the assassin’s clothes seemed cold on him.

Because he was cosplaying a game character, even his hairstyle had been modified. His black hair was slightly curled, falling above his eyes, strangely giving off a mischievous vibe.

Even though Panda was an aid, his favourite character was the assassin. His eyes lit up. “It’s so similar, Captain! This is the most realistic cosplay I have ever seen, you’re so handsome even without a wig. Many people would go crazy if I post this on the public account.”

Why would Captain think of cosplaying his own character?

That wasn’t right! It shouldn’t be Captain’s idea. It was probably Little Spade.

Indeed, it was a great idea. Captain’s reluctance could be seen from his slight frown.

“Stop shooting.” Qin Mo said carelessly.

Abbott didn’t understand why he shouldn’t shoot. To be honest, when he saw Qin Mo walk out, he thought that he was really seeing the characters in the game.

Chinese are so mythical, they could change their aura just by changing their clothes.

Bo Jiu glanced sideways. She was originally wearing a black veil and at this moment, she was more like a witch waiting for the young man in white to be caught. Even the tear mole at the corner of her eyes was shining, she smiled, looking beautiful and evil.

Qin Mo glanced over, looking profound.

“Happy?” He walked over, asking faintly.

Bo Jiu’s smile thickened. “Brother Mo, you suit these clothes really well.” It made her want to pounce on him.

Qin Mo arched his brows, he didn’t say anything, and freed an arm to pinch her face, which probably meant to tell her to stop doing other things.

Bo Jiu reached out to hold him, and moved to the side. “Brother Mo, let’s go, Flower Lin hates marriage too much, we can’t be too slow.”

Lin Feng: …You’re the one that hates marriage! F*ck, was I here to get shot!

“Let’s go.” Yun Hu walked over and held his hand, the side of his face sharp and handsome, gradually showing his masculinity. They were both in suits, one black and one white. “Let’s go inside.”

Strangely, Lin Feng felt his heart skip a beat. He looked extremely aggressive but in reality, his ears were red. “Let’s go!”

There was a Lamborghini parked outside the church. It was a little far so no one noticed the movements around it.

Only Little Blackie knew that someone was near it. As a marriage car, he needed some reaction. He hadn’t expected the noise to make it still.

“What password would our Lord Jiu change it to, I’m really not sure, but it’s definitely to confess, mmh..”

The person wore a priest outfit, he had slightly curly golden hair and a moustache on his face but his eyes were black as though light could enter them, dark and indecipherable.