Chapter 1648 - Untitled

Chapter 1648: Untitled

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Little Blackie’s automatic identifying system was a mess.

How’s that possible? How can it be his owner? He only has one owner, but the system was telling him that this person is his owner?

The network wasn’t stable.

Who exactly is he?

Because of the man in the priest outfit, images started jumping onto the Lamborghini’s internal navigation screen.

Inside the church, everything necessary was prepared.

The big doors opened and light flitted in. Deep red roses were scattered across the floor.

Little Mo Bei changed her clothes and was no longer carrying her little backpack. She was dressed in a little Tang suit and held a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

She followed behind Bo Jiu, small but because of her cold temperament, it was so adorably contradictory.

As for Bo Jiu, when the black dress on her body was raised, the tail dragged on the ground, winding past, but it was not a bit heavy.

Perhaps only someone like Bo Jiu could wear a black British muslin dress with such an effect, making it glamorous and magical. The tear mole at the corner of her eye added to the evil spirit.

Both the Supreme Alliance members, and William and his friends sat on the long bench as the family that gave their blessings. They didn’t inform their parents.

Qin Mo handed all the coordinating to Grandfather Butler.

Grandfather Butler was in a tuxedo as usual, but today, there was an additional tray on his white gloved hands. On the tray were two rings, both encrusted with a black diamond.

At the highest point of the church, the priest had taken his position. Even though he was holding the bible, he gave off a lazy ruffian vibe. Of course, at this moment, no one would notice the priest.

Abbott noticed the priest and found him more than ordinary. And there was a far distance as he wasn’t standing beside him.

When the priest started to recite the oath many white pigeons took off.

Qin Mo looked at Bo Jiu, his eyes deep, like the ocean of the sea, the mountains of Kunlun, under the layers of light, because of the long silence, the feelings that finally began to boil. “I do.”

The black muslin paired with the ancient white clothes. The beauty of that collision seemed multi-dimensional.

To many, this was the most unique wedding they have seen. And it was extremely romantic.

The black feather kept falling from the top of the church. Falling onto their faces.

Everything seemed like a scene from a comic. Not to mention Lin Feng and Yun Hu who were standing beside them.

“You are mine from now onwards.” Lin Feng said.

“Mmh.” Yun Hu replied. He smiled slightly when he saw a certain someone’s red ears.

From their rough start to finally being together. From the time they wouldn’t ever meet again, to the end when they finally recognised each other. There didn’t seem to be an easy relationship. But because of that, after experiencing separation, they learnt to cherish.

Xue Yaoyao felt her eyes heating up when she saw this scene. The others were the same, everything was clear when the lights fell.

Unexpectedly, when it was time for Bo Jiu to throw her bouquet, she walked towards Hoshino and placed the flowers in his arms, her voice so soft only the two of them could hear. “Hoshino, the agreement is cancelled, from now onwards, you have to live for yourself.”

Everyone knew what the flowers in a wedding represented. Wishing that the recipient would be as blissful as her.

When Bo Jiu straightened, she added another line mischievously. “Find a girlfriend soon.”

You Sixin who was standing beside him narrowed his eyes. Did Z do it deliberately?