Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649: Untitled

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Hoshino glanced down at the flowers in his hands, he was the only one present who wasn’t wearing a tuxedo. He was wearing a white shirt. Hoshino seemed to smile, a faint glow in his gentleness. “I have always been free.”

It meant that the agreement was voluntary.

Because it’s you, Z. Hence, everything was voluntary. Do you have that feeling?

Even though they weren’t related, they had depended on each other since young, and he saw her through her lonely days and wanted to protect her. Hoshino probably would never forget the scene when the little young lord reached out to him when he was covered in blood.

It was raining at that time but because he was holding a hand, the world didn’t seem that cold. He was genuinely happy for her happiness.

When she went missing, he went crazy trying to find her. Now, she was like a demoness, but behind her, there was light. They were suited to be family, not lovers. Because only someone like Qin Mo could bring light to her eyes, let her believe that there are still dreams and for her to continue believing. And he was best suited to leave at the right time.

Hoshino emptied a hand, stood up and hugged her lightly. “Ok.”

The word made You Sixin’s face darker than before. He turned towards Qin Mo, meaning to say, as a groom, aren’t you going to do something when your bride hugs someone else?

Qin Mo swept him a glance faintly, looking very much like his character in the game, indifferent and celestial. It seemed to say, I’m already married, you should be the one panicking.

You Sixin narrowed his eyes.

Because of Hoshino’s actions, no one would notice the mischievous smile on the priest holding the bible. He didn’t seem like a priest. On the contrary, when you looked at those eyes carefully, you could see a resemblance to Bo Jiu.

Only when William was making payment did he realise the priest was gone. Instead, there was an extra gown and wig.

What’s with this situation?

Before William could react, a priest ran over hurriedly. He was a typical blonde foreigner.

He held his head and when he saw William, he said. “Oh no! The Heavens wouldn’t forgive someone like you, you actually stole my bible and gown! Are you here to ruin the wedding?!”

William: …Is there some sort of misunderstanding? He is the wedding organiser. Besides, he wasn’t the only wearing the priest gown in his hand!

Wait a minute! That means the priest was an imposter? He couldn’t tell.

William was confused.

The blonde priest held onto him. “I must drag you to Jesus, my God, and make you repent. How dare you do this to a priest!”

William wanted to clarify when a wave of believers came out.

Right at this moment, a tall figure appeared by the Lamborghini again, but this time, he was his true self.

The smart system hurriedly did an identification. Little Blackie was no longer in a mess, he recognised the person in front of him but the person deleted his data.

“It’s not the right time yet… But that young man from the Qin family isn’t bad. This time, our Lord Jiu finally got her wish. After all, she wanted him ever since he was young.”

Little Blackie was still resisting, clearly unwilling to have his memory deleted. But that person placed his fingers on his lips, after telling him to shush, he clicked the accept button.