Chapter 165 - Almighty’s Trick

Chapter 165: Almighty’s Trick

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The drunk Feng Shang heard something about his own big brother, and he instantly stood up straight. He even felt a bit sober now. At least, he recognized who the person standing right in front of him was!

“Young Master Qin…”

Why did Young Master Qin show up at my idol’s place?

Didn’t idol say that he was taking me to his place for the night?

Why did he invite Almighty Qin?

Feng Shang shook his head. He felt profoundly confused!

Qin Mo put his phone back into his pocket and walked towards Feng Shang. His majestic voice sounded indifferent, “Second Young Master, if I were you, I would go back home immediately. Being addicted to games is one thing; going to someone’s house like this is another. What do you say?”

Feng Shang wasn’t good with words. Why would Almighty Qin think that he loved to go to other people’s houses? He really was a conservative boy usually—Young Master Qin should know! Why would he blackmail him like this in front of his dearest idol?!

“As for you.” Qin Mo turned his head and reached out his left hand, pulling Fu Jiu over and next to him. He sounded emotionless, putting on his business persona, “Take your physics book, sit down, and copy the problems ten times. Then we shall talk about the drinking issue today.”

Before Fu Jiu could say anything to refute him, Almighty Qin added as naturally as the clear winds and the plain clouds, “You don’t want me to guess the questions for you anymore?”

Fu Jiu immediately gave up on saving Baby Feng and quickly walked to her desk—to copy down the problems!

Feng Yi arrived at the Fu residence faster than he thought was possible, because he really was worried that CEO Qin would ship him to South Africa to mine diamonds, where there was no clean water to drink, not to mention no entertainment facilities.

But there was one thing he was suspicious of… Why go to the Fu residence?

Most importantly!

Since when did his little brother know how to drink!

After Feng Shang saw his big brother, he was no longer drunk!

That poor driver of the Feng family was still waiting outside the internet café.

Nobody expected that the situation would be like this.

Feng Yi didn’t ask any further. He saw CEO Qin’s face and didn’t want to stay another minute!

Feng Shang’s dream to sleep with his idol was completely crushed just like that.

Not only that, he knew that his big brother would tell their mum about his drinking, and his mum was going to share it to the whole family.

All the aunties would come up to him with some questions. Feng Shang thoroughly thought about it and came to the conclusion that calling his big brother to pick him up was an evil plan indeed!

He was clearly planning to play games with his idol under the covers for the entire night, but why did Young Master Qin always sabotage his dreams?!

Student Feng was frustrated, and at the same time, he had to lie to his big brother, because he couldn’t let his big brother know about his attending the gaming contest. Absolutely no way!

Outside the Fu residence’s gate, Chen Xiaodong didn’t dare to show his face anymore. In the short span of thirty minutes, not only did Young Master Qin come, even Manager Feng dropped by their place!

If Madam were here, she would want to make Manager Feng stay. Everyone in Jiang City knew that any game player would be popular under Manager Feng!

Of course, Young Master Qin was still the biggest figure. With such a god in the house, Chen Xiaodong even felt that the air had turned cold…

Fu Jiu felt the change in temperature as well, but her mind wasn’t focused on such trivial things at all. Instead, she was worried to death about those things in her drawer… Those things in there couldn’t be seen by this god…