Chapter 1650 - Untitled

Chapter 1650: Untitled

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Over at the church, the scapegoat William was being chased around the church.

F*ck, all he did was take the wig! He shouldn’t have attended Qin Mo, that big demon’s wedding. If it wasn’t for Jiu, he wouldn’t have been here!

What’s with this! Ah!

William almost died running. In the end, no one knew about the imposter’s identity. Besides the wedding wasn’t affected. On the contrary, those roses and black feathers were brought over by the imposter.

When Grandfather Butler knew about this, he had his suspicions since Little Blackie didn’t have any records. Logically speaking, that person definitely would have passed Little Blackie. Or perhaps Little Blackie didn’t respond?

No way, but Little Blackie indeed hadn’t responded.

Only the Young Lord could do that.

Unless… Thinking about this made Grandfather Butler’s ever elegant face change slightly.

The lord? Is the lord back? Is that possible?

The gentleman-like a noble housekeeper did not tell Bo Jiu, because telling the young lord without any certainty would just keep her in the past.

He would have to check this matter carefully.

After the wedding everyone went to the hotel. Only Qin Mo and Bo Jiu stayed in the church.

“There are some things I want to show you.”

Bo Jiu was defenceless against the Qin Mo dressed in white ancient clothing. After all, she was a superficial person.

Bo Jiu was still wearing the black dress. Logically speaking, it would impede her movements, but it didn’t affect her at all. After all, she is famous for climbing walls.

Even though she was wearing the black dress, she was still as handsome as ever. But Qin Mo didn’t just let her off. He would have to take his own wife. Hence, Bo Jiu was held onto like a little child, her demoness aura only showing in the occasional raised brows. She wasn’t that convinced regarding this.

When they were younger, she would always be the one pouncing onto the Almighty, but now, it was a little hard. The Almighty was too reserved and that wasn’t good, but she should be able to do as she pleased after they got married.

Qin Mo arched his brows and glanced over. “Thinking about something bad again?”

Bo Jiu was a face of evil. “Brother Mo, we’re married, you can’t suspect me so casually anymore. From now onwards, my main task is to get pregnant, not to do bad things.”

After the matter was complete, she would seriously take a visit to her black buddies. She would see if there’s anything good to be used on the Almighty.

Qin Mo frowned, can’t she sometimes be a little less cooperative? He already regretted mentioning the child. How could he have forgotten that once she saw a child, there wouldn’t be space for anyone else.

The skies started to dim. Nightingale soars, but there were still many black feathers falling down. It was too much like a scene that can only be seen in the Demon world. Even the vegetation beneath their feet was the colour of ash.

A blue flower floated on the water surface and everything was so beautiful it was surreal.

Qin Mo brought Bo Jiu to the cliff behind the church. On the surface, there wasn’t anything special.

“Wait till it gets dark.”

Qin Mo hugged her, sitting beneath the tree, speaking in a very low voice, his abstinence making her want to tease him.

It’s a pity that he saw through her thoughts, and now even his hands were pressed in his arms, not giving her any room to move.

Qin Mo’s eyes were deep, his breath falling on her snow-white neck, his voice was very low through the black muslin, deep and magnetic. “If you move even an inch, we will go directly to the bed, no need to wait. ”