Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654: Untitled

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“No one is allowed to let her drink alcohol in the future!” Lin Feng bit down on his teeth.

Little Mo Bei remained expressionless. “Senior Lin, are you masking your embarrassment as fury?”

Lin Feng wanted to ask who could bring this little poker face away, hurry and take her away!

It was a hilarious scene.

It wasn’t easy for them to gather. Hence, after Yaoyao came back from her call, she didn’t have any intention of taking Mo Bei away. She understood that in the future, times like these would get fewer and fewer. They had to learn to face separation.

This was probably a kind of growth.

Another call came in. Xue Yaoyao hung up.

It was from a girl that likes Jiang Zuo recently. She probably really treated her as Jiang Zuo’s sister, and kept asking her about the things he liked.

She rarely went back to the Jiangs and didn’t contact them recently.

It was not for any other reason, other than some things had started processing over at the team.

Almost everyone knew that after Almighty Lin and uncle retired, Captain no longer had intentions to continue. The Asian games were also over. It seems that the wish made that year has also been fulfilled.

Logically speaking, they should be happy, but there was still regret. Why did they have to leave in such a manner?

She could no longer find news of Beauty Luo. She was probably living well with Almighty Xiao.

Xue Yaoyao was someone that entered professional gaming late. In her memory, she could never forget the No.1 sorcerer of the entire server with her long flowy hair and her battle armour. Many girls wanted to become her, but they saw the way she retired.

Xue Yaoyao lifted her hand and drank a glass of wine, suppressing her emotions. She glanced over at Mo Bei who was hugging her coke without any expression.

Mo Bei stood up and stretched out her arms to hug her, declaring seriously. “Sister Yaoyao, I am drunk.”

Lin Feng finally found a chance to tease her. “You actually know that you are drunk.”

“Mmh.” Mo Bei glanced up. “Flower Lin.”

Flower Lin, that name… Lin Feng froze again. “I’m going to make your master pay tomorrow, otherwise, my first name is not Lin!”

Mo Bei ignored him and continued to mutter. “Master told me to practice well and to become the champion so that the Supreme Alliance can be remembered.”

Xue Yaoyao stilled and smiled. That’s right, how could she have forgotten, Little Mo Bei is still here.

The Esports industry was honestly reliant on talent. Some people weren’t suited for being professionals. But Little Mo Bei lived up to her genius status. Rather than being a genius, what made others feel assured was that in spite of her young age, she knew about responsibility and perseverance. She never slackened on her practice and studies just because she is stronger than others.

That explains why Highness Jiu would tell everyone. “Our Bey’s playing style is extremely aggressive but she is shy and can’t be teased.”

In the beginning, because of this, Zhao Sanpang exploded in the chat. “Little Spade, in the past, you used to flaunt your love and now, everytime you see someone, you will ask if they have a disciple and say that you have one. Don’t you feel embarrassment about saying such things?!”

Highness Jiu would counter. “Jealous?”

The No.1 Most Handsome Fatty. “I’ll get a disciple tomorrow!”

“Go ahead, anyways, your disciple wouldn’t be as amazing as mine.” Spade Z said. “More importantly, my disciple can cook well.”

That day, Zhao Sanpang posted a message about recruiting apprentices in his friend’s circle, along with only one condition. “Anyone who graduated from a culinary school!”

Someone commented that Almighty Fatty was going to switch careers to open a restaurant. Now, Zhao Sanpang had indeed opened a restaurant.

It seemed very far from their industry.

Sometimes, Xue Yaoyao would wish to watch them in another match. Even if it was just one match.