Chapter 1655 - Kiss you Senseless

Chapter 1655: Kiss you Senseless

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The next day.

Mo Bei held her head but she no longer remembered what she wanted to say. The little abstinence basically told herself not to drink anymore unless her master is around.

But Lin Feng took it seriously. He pondered about how to counter attack.

What did she mean by he couldn’t counter because of his temperament? He had been giving in to Yun Hu. This time, he wasn’t going to be so gentle!

With that thought in mind, Lin Feng watched as Yun Hu came out from the toilet and without another word, he extinguished his cigarette and pushed him against the wall.

There was an alcoholic smell in his breath, but didn’t smell bad because he didn’t have much. Instead, there was a hint of it’s fragrance.

Everyone knows that Lin Feng is handsome. As his handsome face came close, the collar of his shirt was pulled crooked by him. He was a little mischievous. “Are you going to the bed by yourself, or will I have to use stronger means?”

Yun Hu knew what he was thinking with just one glance. His black hair was dripping with water, and he reached out his hand to remove the towel, and said indifferently, “I will go by myself.

“So cooperative?” Lin Feng frowned and eyed him. “Are you intending to do something after kissing me senseless?”

Yun Hu chuckled at his question. “Mmh? You’re admitting that you like my kisses?”

“Brother, that isn’t the main point.” Lin Feng harrumph.

Yun Hu signalled for him to look at his finger.

Lin Feng glanced over and saw the ring he wore yesterday, it was black and had the other party’s name engraved on it.

Yun Hu’s black hair was still dripping wet, and he glanced down at him. “I’m no longer your brother. Are you calling me husband or should I call you husband.”

Lin Feng choked on the question and turned his head. “That’s awkward.”

Yun Hu thought for a moment. “It’s rather awkward.”

Lin Feng suggested. “From now onwards, I’ll call you Mrs Lin.”

Yun Hu glanced up, and seemed to laugh. “Are you taking advantage of me verbally?”

“How is that taking advantage? If we consider the months, I’m older than you.” Lin Feng found his hair extremely distracting and tossed a towel over.

Yun Hu caught it, the smile still on his face. “You’re just older in terms of months, but the other areas, hmph.”

Initially, Lin Feng hadn’t realised what he meant but after a moment’s thought, he pushed him onto the bed, the white shirt and black pants looking very tasteful on him.

Yun Hu looked at him.

He bent down and laughed at his ear. “You’ll know how big it is in a while.”

Yun Hu didn’t move, watching as Lin Feng opened his belt.

With Lin Feng’s skills, if he was willing, Yun Hu wouldn’t be able to stand a chance. After all, he couldn’t compete in terms of stamina.

Yun Hu noticed a kiss on his ear and his eyes deepend, even as his voice turned hoarse. “Did you have ideas because of the things you heard yesterday?”

“I always had ideas.” Lin Feng looked at him from above. “After all, it’s Young Master Yun.”

Yun Hu smiled warmly. “Looks like I finally make you feel conquered.”

Lin Feng blushed at his laugh. “Stop talking.”

“Alright.” Yun Hu stretched out his hand, and wanted to pull him close.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. “And don’t move.”

Yun Hu’s voice was still hoarse. “I can’t even be cooperative.”

“Are you being cooperative?” Lin Feng pushed him into the blanket with one hand and covered him, his lips landing on Yun Hu’s neck, handsome and alluring. “Also, do I need your cooperation with my skills?”