Chapter 1656 - Untitled

Chapter 1656: Untitled

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Yun Hu breathed deeply because of the kiss.

His eyes turned deeper because of his actions. After all, a willing person was much more alluring. But the moment he remembered how many men and women his face bewitched, his heart tightened. Woman would probably be something he cared about forever.

Lin Feng looked down, his breath unstable. “What are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about how to lock you up.” Yun Hu’s deep eyes were very good looking. “Do you really want it?”

Lin Feng pressed his head against his. “Of course, I’m rock solid, what do you think?”

Yun Hu noticed the heat coming from his body, and his black hair fell down. “Can’t you be pampered by me? Don’t you hate being tired?”

“I’m willing to be tired from such things.” Lin Feng laughed lightly. “Hey, stop playing mind games. This time I’ll be the dominant.”

Yun Hu tilted his head, looking at the face he has liked for many years. “Sure.”

This time, Lin Feng was the one that stilled. “What are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything.” Yun Hu’s lowered his eyes. “I’m afraid that you would prefer a woman after you tried and made a comparison.”

Lin Feng blurted. “I’ve only had you since the start, who can I compare it to?”

He regretted it after the sentence was out. Doesn’t that mean he didn’t have any experience, and learnt everything from him?

Instead, Yun Hu smiled. “That’s true.”

“F*ck, you must have done it on purpose, deliberately trying to ruin my mood.” Lin Feng inched closer to his face. “It’s not going to be that easy.”

Yun Hu didn’t hide. “I’m not trying to ruin it, I just found your foreplay too long.”

“I’m worried you’ll be hurt.” Lin Feng cursed. “Besides, I have to arouse you.”

Yun Hu looked at him and lowered his voice. “You don’t need foreplay, just looking at you would make me aroused.”

It was just one sentence. But unknowingly, when Yun Hu’s breath landed on his face, he felt an unshakable numbing sensation.

He shouldn’t have allowed him to speak. Lin Feng learnt his lesson, he glanced down and used a kiss to silence him.

When he felt the smooth lines under his palm, he couldn’t bear to move away because of the unique touch, even though he knew that it was a person with the same body structure.

Undoubtedly, Yun Hu has an amazing figure. Any man would be envious and Lin Feng was no exception. He didn’t understand, why didn’t he have such a body even though he has more strength?

The smooth texture made him feel hot all over, but he kept guarding against any tricks he might have.

Lin Feng was thinking of ways to avoid his hand even when he leaned over. Because the moment Yun Hu took action, he wouldn’t think about anything else and he would be the one being slept with.

It was a historical mistake that he wouldn’t make again.

But today, he was really cooperating. It seemed as though he was completely in control.

Lin Feng had never seen Yun Hu like this before. Honestly, he didn’t look like someone who would be lying below anyone. But Lin Feng didn’t think so much, he seized the opportunity. He really wasn’t up to anything.

Yun Hu’s face started to pale. It probably hurts.

Just as he was about to let go, he held onto him. “Lin Feng, remember our wedding day, it will only be this once, and in the future, you will always lie in my arms obediently.”