Chapter 1657 - Untitled

Chapter 1657: Untitled

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Undoubtedly, Yun Hu was very domineering when he said it.

Lin Feng had a hallucination. Who exactly was the one being suppressed? But with Yun Hu’s cooperation, Lin Feng made progress, which was a very refreshing feeling. Especially the noise in his ears, and that face which was inches away.

It was making him crazy, but after he went crazy, Lin Feng regretted. Because he noticed that Yun Hu wasn’t the least bit happy.

Although he didn’t feel that great at that time, Yunhu took really good care of his feelings later, which was the reason he was overwhelmed by the numbing sensation. But now, he seemed to have hurt Yun Hu.

After it was done and Lin Feng saw Yun Hu’s pale face, he started to panic. After he wore the pants by his side, he wanted to make a call.

Unexpectedly, Yun Hu held him, his handsome face still as formidable. Honestly, if it wasn’t for his pale complexion, he wouldn’t seem like the person that was taken at all.

However, even his lips were stripped of colour. “Are you trying to escape after you tried it and realised it isn’t good?”

Lin Feng didn’t understand where such thoughts came from, but yet, he was still panicking. He spat out. “I’m feeling amazing, whoever said I was escaping? I just think that my skills are bad and wanted to ask if there was any way to salvage this.”

Ever since he howled his thoughts, the entire room fell silent.

Yun Hu probably never expected him to say such a thing, his fingers stilling.

When Lin Feng game to senses, he cursed “F*ck.” He said something just now, something about his poor skills!

Yun Hu looked at that face, and a smile flashed across his eyes. “Who do you intend to call about such things?”

That’s true, who should he ask? Was he perhaps going to tell the whole world that his skills are bad?

Lin Feng thought for a moment and hurriedly hung up. Fortunately, the call didn’t go through.

“You ask anyone but me.” Yun Hu looked at him.

Lin Feng was perplexed, he squatted beside the bed, his face handsome. “Is it very painful?”

“Do I have to describe it?” Yun Hu lowered his gaze.

Lin Feng lowered his voice. “Previously, mine didn’t hurt as much.”

“Didn’t you say you have poor skills.” Yun Hu sighed. “Indeed, it’s indescribable.”

Lin Feng felt guilty since it wasn’t possible for someone like Yun Hu to be at the bottom for just anyone. “Do you need me to help clean up?”

“Forget it, it even hurts to move.” Yun Hu held his temples. “Besides, do you even know?”

“I did my research.” He replied.

Yun Hu laughed lightly. “It’s largely on one’s talent.”

Under normal circumstances, Lin Feng would definitely be furious at such a tease but looking at his pale face, he felt worried. “Why don’t we go to the hospital?”

“How are you going to tell the doctor the cause? I had sex with my boyfriend?” Yun Hu’s eyes were deep.

So deep that Lin Feng felt even more guilty. “Then I’ll get you a cup of water.”

Yun Hu held onto him, speaking moderately. “Guilty?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Lin Feng was starting to regret, with Yun Hu’s physique, why did he have to go along with him?

Yun Hu looked at the half naked person and his eyes turned deeper. “If you’re guilty, come closer.”

“Mmh?” Lin Feng thought that it wasn’t much and moved closer.

Yun Hu continued. “Come up.”

Lin Feng finally understood. “Do you want me to massage your waist? I know how it feels, your waist would hurt!”