Chapter 1658 - Feng Yun Sweet

Chapter 1658: Feng Yun Sweet

His waist would hurt?

Yun Hu hadn’t felt it yet. He just felt that a certain someone was really as slow as ever in this aspect.

“Come up first.” His voice was calm.

Lin Feng leaned over, revealing an attractive arc. Probably because of his fair skin, he wanted to hold him even more.

“Let me tell you, I specialise in helping…” Lin Feng just came up and could barely finish his sentence.

The person who was originally lying there with a pale face, exerted strength, he turned over and pushed against him, his breath splashing onto his ear. “Didn’t I say you can ask me directly if you want to train your skills?”

Lin Feng noticed that he was about to do something and stretched out his hand, but when he saw his pale face, he was afraid his strength would hurt him.

It happened in an instant. Yun Hu had already placed a kiss on the side of his neck, his breath was still hot, and when his thin lips pressed against him, Lin Feng could not help but tremble.

That kiss wasn’t rushed but it was strong.

A tingling sensation raised through every part of him. It felt like an electric shock. Not to mention how he felt when he pressed close.

It wasn’t easy for Lin Feng to be the one in charge, of course he didn’t want to give it up. Before he was bewitched, he panted. “Didn’t you say I’ll do it for our wedding night?”

“Didn’t you do it just now?” Yun Hu said, and he didn’t move, both eyes looking at him. “Besides, don’t you want me to ease my pain? This is the best method.”

Lin Feng wasn’t convinced, he opened his mouth but was kissed.

They were about the same height, but even he didn’t know why, when Yun Hu kissed him, he seemed to send his entire senses on fire.

There was a tingling sensation everywhere. It was as though he was burning. But Yun Hu didn’t let him move, the breathes splashing by his ear growing heavier.

Lin Feng suddenly realised something, it didn’t matter whether or not he was in charge because he knew how much he would be affected because of him.

He no longer had his usual expression, and revealed an indescribable sexiness. There was restraint and presumptuousness, but his face was still pale.

Lin Feng decided to forget it since he enjoyed it when he was at the bottom.

Just as the thought struck him, Yun Hu’s entire body broke in. Lin Feng came back from the tingling sensation, the burning heat wasn’t comfortable.

“Painful?” Yun Hu asked in a low voice.

Befor Lin Feng could say anything, Yun Hu spoke. “You can’t stop at a time like this, it would hurt more once you stop.”

Lin Feng’s breathing was a mess, his black hair covered his pillow, his entire neck filled with sweat.

Yun Hu looked at him with a deep gaze, he leaned over and kissed his back, his voice hoarse. “At this moment, you have to slowly let the other person adapt, and to feel when he can truly accept you.”

Lin Feng could sense every movement of that kind of action, but he had never heard him say it before. This would only make people more…

Right at this moment, he seemed to have touched something. Shocked filled Lin Feng’s eyes and his left hand clutched onto the bed sheets.

Yun Hu laughed, the colour of his eyes deep. His lips pressed against his ear and his breathing was fiery. “Here?”