Chapter 1659 - Feng Yun, Feng Yun

Chapter 1659: Feng Yun, Feng Yun

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Lin Feng’s body was numb, and his tailbone trembled.

“It looks like it.” Yun Hu’s figure lowered, and the strength he had been controlling seemed to have been ignored at this moment.

The next moment, Yun Hu said something else. However, Lin Feng could no longer hear anything, his mind went blank. He could only use his voice to object.

Yun Hu lowered his voice. “Doesn’t it feel good? Me too.”

It went on the entire day. The temperature kept soaring. Their breathing and the intimate creaking of the bed could be heard.

European style beds, especially in hotels, weren’t that stable.

The next time Lin Feng woke up, it was already 2pm. He heard Yunhu answering the phone, and just sat on the side of the bed, buttoning the white shirt buttons with one hand.

They were both at the bottom but yet, why does he seem so much more energised? The pale complexion and other conditions, was it all his hallucination?

Sensing that he is awake, Yun Hu hung up and glanced over. “Are you hungry?”

The moment he asked, Lin Feng’s stomach growled. “I want to order in room dining first, I’m craving lamb.”

“Have some porridge first.” Yun Hu did his last button, lowered himself and pressed his forehead against him.

Lin Feng arched his brow. “What is it?”

“It was too aggressive yesterday, I was afraid you would react badly.” Yun Hu replied faintly.

Lin Feng paused. “Am I that weak?”

“Better than me.” Yun Hu laughed lightly. “I have a slight fever and have taken my medication.”

Lin Feng looked at the colour of his lips which hadn’t returned. “It didn’t seem serious when you were tiring me out. Seems like your mental strength is quite strong.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to move about.” Yun Hu’s voice was a little hoarse. “I wanted to hug and sleep, who knew you were going to stir the flame.”

Lin Feng didn’t care about that. After all, he thought like a straight man. “How are you now? Should I get more medicine?”

He stood up, his actions suave.

Yunhu held him down. “It’s okay, it will be better in a while, and the temperature isn’t high. Have some porridge with me and meet Little Spade at night; don’t you remember that missed call?”

Lin Feng suddenly thought of something and another wave of gratitude flowed through him. “The call from before was from Little Spade?”

“Mmh.” Yun Hu sat there, looking like a prestigious young master.

Lin Feng put on his trousers, his face was pretty, but his movements were rough and stubborn. When he lowered his head and pulled the zipper, he said, “I thought about it. You should serve me in the future. I couldn’t tell in the past but now, I know that you are the sickly type.”

When Yun Hu heard this, he turned his eyes and smiled with the corners of his mouth. “I’ll let you indulge this once, but you do think a lot.”

“My desire to do you isn’t just a matter of minutes.” Lin Feng was wearing black trousers, he bent down halfway, leaned over and patted his face. It wasn’t hard, but was manly. “I was letting you win.”

Yun Hu glanced up, his aura was still there but he seemed to smile more than before. “I know, my Almighty Lin Feng was letting me win. How else could I be at the top?”

Lin Feng retracted his hand. “I’ll call for room service.”

“It’s not necessary.” Yun Hu stood up. “The meals on the first day of our marriage should be formal.”

Lin Feng looked at his appearance, then at himself. He was covered in markings, and he had to choose clothes to wear. Is this guy a dog?

He was completely different in and out of bed. Outside, probably no one could tell what sort of person he is.