Chapter 166 - Almighty Gives His Highness Jiu a Table Bam

Chapter 166: Almighty Gives His Highness Jiu a Table Bam

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In the entire Fu family, nobody knew that Fu Jiu was actually a girl except for He Honghua. Even Chen Xiaodong, who followed Fu Jiu around every day, didn’t know her true gender.

This was a sacred secret, so even in her own house, Fu Jiu would never act like a normal girl and throw her cosmetics everywhere.

But no matter what, Fu Jiu was still a girl!

Especially the previous Fu Jiu, who had always dreamed of getting back a normal girl’s life one day.

So in this very room, there were still some hints that a girl was living there.

In fact, Fu Jiu was quite a thoughtful girl compared to others of her age. She understood well that if people knew that she was girl, then she and her mum would be doomed.

But when she was younger, she wasn’t mature enough to handle such a life, so she would always hide her gender on one hand and lose her temper with He Honghua on the other hand.

Throughout this period of time, she formed a habit of hiding girly things that she had bought secretly in the drawer next to her bed…

Ever since her rebirth, Fu Jiu had been busy with playing online games, making money, and taking her revenge, so she didn’t have the time to deal with all those shenanigans…

Plus, she thought that she didn’t have to. Yet.

But now… Fu Jiu peeked over and traced her finger across her flushed lips. Her youthful profile was so pretty that it made people desire her.

The Almighty shouldn’t be able to notice anything, right?

But Fu Jiu forgot that there was such a law in this world called the Murphy’s law…

Meaning, the things that you are worried the most about are most likely to happen, and anything that could go wrong would go wrong.

Qin Mo noticed the young man’s eyes and followed “his” line of sight to where the drawer was hidden. He had one hand in his pocket, and his deep eyes were cold like ice. “You’ve been staring at the headboard of your bed for a long time.”

“Have I?” Fu Jiu turned around in her swivel chair and curled her lips up into an awkward smile.

Qin Mo walked to her side and bent over, putting both of his hands behind her in a beautiful gesture. With his movement, a lock of black hair dropped in front of his sharp eyes, casting a shadow upon his handsome face and adding to his aura of wildness and arrogance.

The man’s mint tobacco smell momentarily flooded into her nose. It was the same smell that exuded from his suit sometimes—tranquil and cold.

Fu Jiu didn’t move even a tiny bit. She only slyly raised her head up; she wasn’t scared.

Qin Mo’s eyes looked like deep swirls in the night, especially when he was looking straight into your eyes.

The position that those two were in was really unusual.

So unusual that when Chen Xiaodong wanted to come in with the tea and saw that, he backed out and away immediately!

What, what did I just see?!

Young Master Qin was… kissing Young Master?!

No, no way, I must be delusional right now!

That’s right, not possible!

From behind, it did look like that—very intimate.

Plus, those two were both beautiful human beings. It was hard for other’s thoughts not to head into that direction when they saw such a scene.

Especially when Fu Jiu put both hands on the arms of the chair and raised her head up deliberately, talking to Qin Mo with her face right next to his lips, “Brother Mo, I find you especially handsome today, really.”

To deal with an opponent, one couldn’t always just attack.

When the other party was angry, compliments worked miracles as well.

Qin Mo indeed also smiled, but the next second, he lightly patted the young man’s extremely likeable face. He wasn’t even talking in a mocking tone. “How sweet of you, but you forgot one thing.”

Qin Mo took his arms back from behind Fu Jiu, and his appealing voice was calm and steady, “Your big brother has studied criminal psychology.”

Fu Jiu: “…”