Chapter 1660 - Bo Jiu, Almighty Qin

Chapter 1660: Bo Jiu, Almighty Qin

Yun Hu had always been a child that mothers like. If it was anyone else, based on his mother’s personality, she would definitely show him faces and wouldn’t be able to get through it for a while. But now, using his mother’s words, Yun Hu was always the person calling home to report their safety.

When he drank too much after socialising, Yun Hu was always the person who brought him home. When the washing machine broke, Yun Hu was the person who personally fixed it.

According to his mother, both inside and out, Yun Hu was her biological son.

Seriously… Lin Feng thought that appearance and aura was indeed deceiving.

Yun Hu didn’t know what he was thinking about, after he was done tidying himself, he turned. “Your phone rang when you were asleep, it should have been a call from home. I didn’t answer the call. Give your mom a call later.”

“Ok.” He was addressing her very familiarly, this guy. Lin Feng wore his belt and watch.

After he grew up, his entire aura came out. Now, when he walked out, he looked like those young headhunters that were often seen in movies. He was just too good looking, his distinct features giving off a playboy feel.

Such people attracted ladies easily, but he was oblivious.

Yun Hu’s gaze deepened, and while he was turning his head, he kissed him.

Lin Feng was still adjusting his watch. His scalp became numb and his legs became weak. In the end, he leaned his head against Yun Hu’s shoulder with an unstable breath. His face was a little heated but he was happy.

His married life wasn’t that scary. In the past, he used to think of what to do if they didn’t get along. They were both men after all.

The process from becoming brothers to lovers wasn’t easy. Sometimes, he would wonder what to do if one of them was sick of it. But now, it didn’t seem likely.

When he took another look at other girls on the street Yun Hu would whisper into his ears. “What’s the use? They wouldn’t be able to kiss you till your legs go weak.” Or perhaps. “Almighty Lin wants to betray?”

In short, he never thought Yun Hu would feel uneasy before, but the more they interacted, the more Lin Feng understood. Uneasiness is relative.

He felt uneasy because he cared. He would clasp his fingers on the street, completely unbothered with the looks that others directed at them. Even if it was a commercial event he would bring him home.

It wasn’t too obvious because they were both mature and knew about social rules. But as long as needed, he would not deliberately hide.

Grateful for his appearance. Enough for him to love for many years.

Different from Lin Feng and Yun Hu’s relationship; in a mansion, Bo Jiu wanted to go out after she showered.

Qin Mo held onto her, he took the hair dryer over and made her lie on his long legs.

The young butler often felt that his Young Master was raising Young Mistress Jiu just like he did when he was a child.

The only difference was that Young Mistress Jiu liked to tease his Young Master.

Qin Mo lowered his eyes and glanced at the person who reached out and touched his ears, his aura of abstinence remained unabated. After removing the hair dryer, his figure lowered, and he said in a voice that only two people could hear. “Almighty Z, behave. Unless you want to go continue on the bed.”

Bo Jiu stilled, and retracted her hand willingly. Forget it, it was better to just admire his beauty. She couldn’t fool around and had to resist her urge. If not, her waist would continue to be sore.