Chapter 1661 - Untitled

Chapter 1661: Untitled

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“Little Bo Jiu.”


“Do you really want a child?”


“Two years later. It isn’t good for your body now.”


That was how she agreed to Qin Mo, but when he received a call from the superintendent on Fifth Avenue requesting for help, Bo Jiu stood up and chuckled lightly. “Go on. I’ll take Team Flower Lin, Little Mo Bei and the others around.”

Taking them out was indeed true, but going to her black buddies was also true.

When the Black Buddies saw the familiar Lamborghini, their first reaction was to leave! However, her driving skills are too good. With a beautiful tail swing, she blocked them in the corner.

Black Buddies: …Seriously, they weren’t in luck!

“Hey, bro.”

Black Buddies: …Who is your bro?

“Chat?” Bo Jiu laughed. “Ok?”

The Black Buddies: …She’s asking as though they can reject her.

Leaning over, they knelt in a corner. They hadn’t been treated in such a manner even when the police were chasing them.

“I have a problem.” Bo Jiu stood there, half leaning against the sports car, a muted black that was also evil like an aristocratic vampire.

Black buddies spoke in a foreign language. “What is it?”

Bo Jiu unwrapped a lollipop and placed it in her mouth. “My husband doesn’t want to have kids.”

Black buddies: !!!

Wait a minute, is there a problem with their hearing?! Her, her husband? This demoness has someone? Who exactly is it?

They really wanted to take a look.

Internally, they were impressed! This was impressive!

“Do you have anything that can make people submit without harming them?” Bo Jiu lowered her voice.

When the black buddies heard her, a drama had already formed in their minds.

For instance, her husband was definitely a naive pretty boy. However, he probably didn’t really dare to date the demoness.

Of course, the demoness was pretty. But… now she had to use an aid to force him.

This was indeed… aish, they didn’t know if the other party was fortunate or unlucky.

The black buddies exchanged a look. They had a conscience and didn’t wish to push the guy into the flames.

The helpless Bo Jiu knew them too well. She chuckled and toyed with a lighter in her hands. “Seems like you have it, as expected of the no. 1 Street Tyrant.”

Would the No.1 Street Tyrant be cornered by you? Are you complimenting or criticising us? The black buddies felt complexed, after all, the demoness’ methods…

“Come on, let’s talk.” Bo Jiu smiled. “What is it? Which of your stores have it?”

One of the black buddies felt that if they weren’t cooperative, she would throw the lighter at the oil drum next to him. In order to survive, he immediately straightened his body and told her.

After Bo Jiu heard it, she said. “It’s too expensive, it’s not worth it.”

Black Buddies: …You’re haggling?

“We have known each other for several years and are all buddies. Wouldn’t you feel guilty if you don’t give me a friendship price?” Bo Jiu lowered her eyes, and her white hand hung half-curved beside the oil barrel.

Black Buddies immediately said. “10%!”

“Great.” Bo Jiu tapped his shoulders. “I’m starting to feel embarrassed by your generosity.”

Black Buddies: …Hurry and leave! You don’t look the least bit embarrassed with your smiley eyes!

Bo Jiu found the things she wanted and whistled merrily. She sat in the car and waved towards them.

The Black Buddies thought that it was over, but…