Chapter 1662 - Jiu Helps The Almighty Dress Up

Chapter 1662: Jiu Helps The Almighty Dress Up

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After the black Lamborghini disappeared, and they were just about to stand up, a slender figure came out from behind the long alley.

Due to the climate, the weather wasn’t very hot. The man was wearing a beige windbreaker, and his skin was very white, giving a feeling of indifference and abstinence. Similarly, he was very gentle, and had an indescribable scholarly temperament.

Such Chinese was rare, but that did not prevent them from thinking of the sickly men that Chinese often talked about when they saw him. After all, he is too pale.

The Black Buddies stood up, a flame in their hearts. After all, this person dared to enter their street, wasn’t that asking for trouble?

One of them eyed the person beside him. Next, he landed his gaze at the person’s cuff. Even though they didn’t know it was a private collector’s item they could tell it was worth a lot of money!

This basically meant that he had made up his mind to snatch it in a while, even his eyes are fierce.

That man didn’t seem to notice at all, he walked towards them, his voice calm. “What did you give her just now?”

It was Qin Mo. After all, there was someone in the family who would do something bad at any time. So of course, he had to watch over her often.

If Bo Jiu hadn’t been so immersed in the joy of obtaining her things, she would have noticed him when she left.

Qin Mo had indeed gone to help the police superintendent. There was also a positioning device in the ring he gave her.

It seemed as though he could no longer stand even the slightest possibility of losing her so Qin Mo had a positioning device in both rings. Which meant that she would be able to find him with the rings if he went missing. And he could find her with the ring if she went missing.

It went both ways.

However, the Black Buddies didn’t know who he was. They didn’t think his good looking appearance could pose a threat.

Their usual menacing smile returned. “Pretty boy, do you know where this is?”

The grey area of Fifth Avenue. No one would care about this place. Few that weren’t in the triads would dare to come.

This pretty boy looked like the sort who would walk into his own death!

“Hey, don’t be so unfriendly.” One of them lowered his voice. “Don’t shout at such an Oriental doll. How can we ask for money if he faints?”

“Hahaha, true!”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything when he heard the booming laughter.

The man continued. “Dude, don’t say I won’t help you, hand over your cufflinks first, and if you want to ask anything, we will negotiate the price.”

Cufflinks? Qin Mo glanced down towards his right wrist.

The cufflinks weren’t big but the touch of glow was extremely luxurious. Qin Mo’s entire body was both clear and noble.

Usually he didn’t like to wear any accessories. The cufflinks were probably the only thing. It didn’t seem like his style but yet, it was perfect when it was on him.

Probably only people like him could properly display the value of the cufflinks. Bo Jiu didn’t use the cufflinks because she didn’t think she could handle it.

Ever since she saw Qin Mo, her mind became active, going through all the collections in their castle. Everything that could be worn was used on Qin Mo.

In her words, dressing up the Almighty could make her happy. After all, in the end, she was the one who could make him take off his clothes.

It’s too abstinent, too attractive.

Qin Mo thought of this, and the corners of his mouth raised. His eyes glanced over, his voice calm. “I can’t give you these cufflinks.”