Chapter 1663 - Almighty Qin the Tease

Chapter 1663: Almighty Qin the Tease

He can’t give it?

The Black Buddies smirked and took action. “You are..”

Before they could call out his ignorance, the man that stretched out his hand cried. “Shit!”

It was really painful, so much that the colour of his face had changed.

“Let go! Let go of my hand!”

Qin Mo swept him a look, glancing down at him coldly. “Your attitude isn’t right.”

The Black Buddies had never been this pale before!

Isn’t this type of Chinese pretty boy easy to deal with? Why is he… even more cruel than the demoness that just left! At least the demoness wouldn’t really take action! And wouldn’t talk about their attitude!

But it was really painful. It was useless even if a few of them went up together. Does he perhaps know martial arts?

With that in mind, the Black Buddies took another look at Qin Mo, their gaze different from before. There was fear, but now there was also a little worship.

Over at the wall, some were trembling.

After the fight, Qin Mo arranged his clothes, still clear and noble as before, his looks didn’t match the surroundings.

Most people that came to the grey area wore clothes or had appearances that showed they belonged to the darkness. But this person was like a god in white who broke into the demon world. Even if his surroundings are all black, it didn’t affect his purity.

The more they looked, the more the Black Brothers felt like he wasn’t a simple man.

Qin Mo didn’t hide at all, standing in front of one of them. “What did she take from you?”

The same question. This time the Black Buddies said everything without restraint, and they all spoke in a foreign language.

They rambled, expressing only one meaning. “The demoness fell in love with a pretty boy, but the pretty boy is probably too resistant. The demoness wants to make him willing. Once he doesn’t resist, she can do whatever she wants.”

“Pretty boy?” Qin Mo was great at catching the gist, his voice slow. “How do you know he is a pretty boy?”

The Black Buddies finally had the chance to speak. “Do you have to ask? The demoness is superficial, she has always liked that sort of fair skin, but she doesn’t like caucasians. Those with oriential beauty, like…” At this point, the Black Buddies paused. “Like you, um… really, if the demoness sees you, she will definitely snatch you home, isn’t it, brothers?”

The few at the side nodded in unison!

Qin Mo arched his brow. “You mean that I’m a pretty boy?”

Black Buddies: …That was how they thought in the beginning but now, they didn’t dare to say it!

They regretted learning some chinese descriptive phrases! They had to explain this clearly.

“No, no, we are talking about the person the demoness is fond of, it was just an analogy.”

Qin Mo straightened, and suddenly changed his topic. “Oh? But the things she wanted are indeed to be used on me.”

What?! The Black Buddies had a face of confusion, their eyes opened wide!

Which meant that he, he was the pretty boy that the demoness wants to have? What exactly is the demoness thinking? This flower may be pretty but it hurts.

That explains why she wanted their things. The demoness was the only one who would have ideas for someone like him.

Scary! Why wasn’t he leaving!

The Black Buddies would much rather be blocked by the demoness like just now.