Chapter 1664 - Untitled

Chapter 1664: Untitled

More importantly, even though the demoness was evil she belonged to the same circle, hence, they could give her a discount.

Where did he come from? What did he do? They didn’t know at all.

Where exactly did the demoness find someone like him? Does she know this side of him? Was she perhaps seduced by his face?

The Black Buddies thought a lot as well.

Qin Mo spoke again at this moment, his voice calm. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

They shook their heads. Girlfriend? They have many girls but they never thought about anything as formal as a girlfriend.

Qin Mo continued. “Those without a girlfriend wouldn’t understand. All I can say is when she woke up this morning, she didn’t have this many thoughts but after meeting you guys, she got drugs to use on me. We Chinese have an ancient saying, think about your environment when something happens.”

The Black Buddies weren’t stupid, even though he was beating about the bush, they understood what he meant. He was blaming the demoness’ actions on them?

Bro, you must be kidding. You clearly saw how the demoness had threatened us!

Qin Mo remained indifferent. “The problem is the source of supply, you can discuss how to resolve it. Next time if she has any messy things on her, I will probably come to you. If there are other things in the future, please remember, don’t lead her astray.”

The Black Buddies opened their eyes wide, who? Who is leading who astray? He was treating the demoness as a child.

Bro, touch your chest and feel your conscience, who exactly is leading who astray?

In certain areas, they really couldn’t compare with the demoness, but in this aspect, they understood.

Initially, they thought that the demoness had found a pretty boy. But now, it seems like the pretty boy is actually the big demon!

Hence, those that wanted to take action before Z rose back up ended badly. They couldn’t even cause a ripple. When they asked their men, they would hug their thigh and tell their bosses. “We really can’t, the one from Chinatown in particular. Z’s man is too difficult to deal with.”

“How can Z have a man!” The boss couldn’t accept it.

Another man lowered his voice. “She really has one, and he seems to be connected with the police. His people are everywhere, it isn’t easy to touch him.”

“Then give the Chinese powers some money. What’s so difficult?”

“He seems to be richer, besides, he is good with guns and with Z’s keen senses, we wouldn’t be able to benefit. Boss, let’s give up. It wasn’t bad before, it’s just prohibiting sales to Chinese and not to betray hacker’s information. Z doesn’t care about anything else.”

After being free for three years, they had to start abiding by these rules again. Hence, the boss wouldn’t be comfortable, but that person is too powerful. So powerful that the entire Fifth Avenue did not dare to violate some bottom lines.

They could profit and could even be grey but everyone was required to abide by things they couldn’t touch.

Such restrictions were back again. But after thinking about it, they should not be the ones most affected. After all, according to Z’s previous style of doing things, only those beasts concealed as humans would be locked up.

They would be fine as long as they didn’t offend her.

The most important thing now was the identity of the man that Z is keeping.

You Sixin was right. Their collaboration would only cause headaches to others.

Afternoon, outside the church.

Bo Jiu was still studying the medicine she got from the Black Buddies, and was thinking about how to use it on the Almighty in order to get a baby.