Chapter 1665 - Untitled

Chapter 1665: Untitled

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It was impossible for Z to behave completely. Ever since Bo Jiu was young, she had been committed to taking advantage of the Little Princess Qin. Now that she has gotten her hands on him, she could take advantage of him openly. How could she give up the opportunity?

When Lin Feng walked over, he saw her evil smile, but he didn’t know what mischievous things she was up to again.

“Little Spade, tell brother what you are thinking about now.”

Bo Jiu kept her things and stuffed a hand into her pants pocket, her eyes dark. “You wouldn’t understand even if I told you about it. But senior, why did you call me yesterday?”

Lin Feng was reminded of the question he had wanted to ask yesterday and diverted the topic. “It was a random call. Where’s your disciple? Why don’t I see the little poker face?”

Bo Jiu saw through wavering in his eyes and her smile thickened. “Don’t use my Little Mo Bei to change the topic. Seems like something’s up, senior.”

Lin Feng knew that someone like Little Spade would be even more interested if he didn’t tell her something. Hence, he arched his brow and declared candidly. “It’s nothing, I was just the dominant over someone I wanted.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. “Bluffing again?”

“What do you mean by bluffing again? Am I someone like Zhao Sanpang?” Lin Feng scoffed. “You can ask Yun Hu if you don’t believe me.”

Bo Jiu watched him, he didn’t seem as guilty as he was in the past. It seems like it really happened. Her brows were raised again and she smiled. “Almighty Yun sure lets you do a lot.”

Lin Feng smirked with a handsome face. “Who is letting who? I am clearly letting him. Don’t you know how sickly he is? He can’t handle me at all.”

“Oh?” Bo Jiu asked carelessly. “Seems like it was just once.”

Lin Feng said righteously. “You don’t understand, I dote on my wife.”

Bo Jiu: …Who is the wife, you naive boy.

But even so, for a person like Yun Hu to be willing to lie down for him, spoke volumes of their relationship. Hence, in this aspect, it wasn’t bad for the naive boy at all.

Lin Feng liked to place his hand on Bo Jiu’s shoulder whenever he said something. He was rarely like this when he did business.

Yun Hu watched by his side. He loved him not because of his appearance but because of his personality.

Regardless of what he went through, he was still a youngster inside.

When a group of people walked past they heard Lin Feng teaching Bo Jiu how to ‘dote his wife’.

Little Mo Bei carried her backpack and walked over without any expression. “Senior Lin, if my Mistress catches you like this, you would be in trouble.”

When Lin Feng heard this, his hands on Bo Jiu’s shoulders stiffened, and then he said with a grin. “This is how good friends behave around each other. Little Mo Bei, don’t listen to the Captain. Look at him, he wouldn’t let anyone other than Little Spade touch him. This is essentially wrong. Good friends should have their arms around each other for the friendship to be strong. Didn’t your Master tell you to laugh more, don’t be such a poker face.”

“I’m not a poker face.” Little Mo Bei said and stood beside Bo Jiu without any expression.

Lin Feng endured for a while but couldn’t hold it in. “Isn’t that a poker face? Hahaha, this is hilarious.”

Little Mo Bei didn’t speak, because her Master was caressing her head. She watched the boisterous group.

It seemed like just this was good enough. Even though Senior Lin wasn’t reliable, some things he said were right.

If she could make friends in the future, she would try to be close to them.

This was probably how boys got along with each other.