Chapter 1666 - Untitled

Chapter 1666: Untitled

Just like that, Little Mo Bei’s way of getting along with people became completely distorted, but it was also fortunate.

Because of her young age, she was not yet considered an official player. She learnt more than others because there was someone teaching beside her.

There are many places to visit on Fifth Avenue. And the group blended into the exotic foreign style of the country, a scenery that seemed to come from mangas.

Everyone had a different style and personality.

After getting away from the chaos, life would become very simple. Now that the group was together there would definitely be games. Video games were also included.

Coco was catching plush toys. He was putting in a lot of effort but yet, he couldn’t catch any.

Bo Jiu pushed him aside, with her lollipop in her mouth, she operated the machine and lifted, catching hold of a doll.

Beside them, Lin Feng with his long slender legs was catching toys as well. Yun Hu was beside him.

Rao Rong too. The four of them stood in a line.

Lin Feng familiarised himself with the machine first. Next, likewise, he would definitely catch a plush toy when he took action.

Soon, they attracted a crowd. Afterall, there were four such handsome Chinese all at once, not to mention that they were so good at catching dolls, it was really eye-catching.

It can’t be said about other professional players, but these four people usually practiced angle and strength training.

Aside from Bo Jiu who frequent such places, the other three vaguely got a hang of it after trying it out.

The crowd around them started to grow.

Bo Jiu would definitely give her doll to her disciple. Lin Feng also casually tossed his to Mo Bei. Rao Rong and Yun Hu did the same.

Mo Bei was almost drowned in the pile of dolls. This was probably a skilled and indulgent group.

Xue Yaoyao watched from the side, she raised her hand and snapped a photo, because she knew they were going to separate in the future. Hence, she would cherish every day even more.

Her fingers ran across the screen, and she couldn’t help smiling at that back view that was still as evil.

Perhaps, others wouldn’t understand. Her youth was once so striking because of this group. She was once so ordinary, and was so fat that she would never be noticed. But after she met this group, there would always be something hidden deep in her heart regardless of what she encountered. To continue walking and working hard. Even if she continued alone, it didn’t seem the same as before when she agreed to everything and didn’t dare to speak her mind. The Supreme Alliance taught her courage.

They are different in everyone’s eye.

Xue Yaoyao could hear the laughter around her, there were compliments on their handsome looks and even more surprised gasps.

If they continued to catch the toys, the store owner was going to make a loss. However, at this moment, Captain arrived. He stretched his hand to pull his collar but he didn’t join the doll catching team. Instead, he used a sentence to bring Mo Bei away.

“Catch a few to train your angle control.” Almighty Qin spoke in an aloof and noble manner.

In reality, after Mo Bei left, he stood beside Bo Jiu and took the plush toys that she caught, glancing down with a smile. “You seem rather well behaved today.”

“I’m well behaved everyday.” Bo Jiu spoke smoothly. “Brother Mo, which one do you want? I’ll catch it for you.”

Qin Mo didn’t expose what she did with the Black Buddies, his gaze swept over, his eyes faint. “That one.”

“Little Tiger?” Bo Jiu arched her brows.

“Mmh.” Qin Mo replied with a hint of a smile. “It’s like you.”